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Yoti partners with the Ticket Bank

Tickets for Good and creative partnerships

In the non-profit partnerships team at Yoti, we’re always excited when we are able to see through a really socially impactful use case of our identity checking platform. Occasionally, however, the stars align and through one great partnership, we are able to creatively mobilise our resources to go that bit further.   Social impact through your social life This happened recently with Steve Rimmer, Co-Founder of the Tickets for Good platform and related non-profit initiatives including the Tickets for Good Foundation and the TicketBank. We first met Steve when he applied for our non-profit hack event in September. He had

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password not recognised example

Introducing Yoti Password Manager

It’s safe to say that most of us are fed up with usernames and passwords. We know we should use stronger, unique passwords. It’s just that it’s not that easy to remember 14 random numbers and letters, is it. It’s hard enough to remember the variants you have of the one password you use for most of your accounts and websites, let alone a unique password for each one.   The problem with passwords Good job then, that passwords are as rubbish as we are at remembering them. Passwords just aren’t adequate for protecting our online accounts anymore. The number

5 min read

Yoti accepted into the FCA Sandbox

Yesterday the FCA revealed the next round of successful firms in its regulatory sandbox. We’re proud and excited to say that Yoti is one of those companies, along with Barclays, Nationwide, First Direct and Solidi, to name a few. The FCA Sandbox allows firms to test innovative products, services or business models in a live market environment, while ensuring appropriate protections are in place. It’s a fantastic way to encourage innovation in financial services.   Yoti’s involvement in the sandbox We will be using the sandbox to test consumer’s appetite for our innovative form of KYC, which lets people prove

2 min read

In the Spotlight with Leo, Growth and Partnerships Executive at Yoti

Last week we released our “Little Casanova” video which highlights the potential pitfalls of not knowing who you’re meeting, and the ease at which someone can create a fake profile online and pretend to be someone else. We caught up with Leo, Growth and Partnerships Executive at Yoti, who explains how you can use Yoti to check the identity of people you meet.   Yoti can be used to check the identity of another person, why would I need to do that? Meeting new people is a part of everyday life. The problem is, we often need to trust these

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Yoti partners with good2rent

Yoti is helping to make everybody good2rent

Renting a property has long been the norm, especially amongst Millennials. But tenants are facing fierce competition when it comes to securing their dream rental home and many are losing out. A huge contributing factor to this situation is the existing prolonged ID & referencing system. Something Yoti has enabled good2rent to make faster, easier and safer. good2rent is a tenant-led referencing solution for the digital age that puts renters back in control. Tenants use Yoti, a digital identity app, to easily ID themselves so they can then start building their renting profile. Their good2rent profile includes previous landlord &

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Yoti's 2nd Charity Hack

Last week, we hosted our second charity design hack, here at the new Yoti HQ. We design our charity hacks with two aims in mind. The first is to explore the ways in which the Yoti identity platform (which is free-of-charge for eligible charities) can help non-profits solve local and global problems. The second is to help provide the tools and nurture the confidence of charity staff to embrace digital technology. In the spirit of being agile, we adapt the format of the event based on feedback and experience. Like our event in February, last week’s hack took the form

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