Two phones, one showing an ID card that says Over 15 and the other says Over 18


Leave your passport at home

A digital ID is a safe way to prove your age and identity using your phone. It takes just minutes to set up with an ID document and a photo – then you’re verified for life. 

So no more worrying about where your passport is to get into the latest movie – the only thing you’ll be leaving behind is that last-minute panic. 

Digital ID is now accepted at cinemas, Post Office branches and 12,000 convenience stores across the UK.


Create your reusable digital ID at home

1. Download the free Yoti app.

2. Take a scan of your face so we know it’s you.


3. Add your government-approved ID document. We accept passports, driving licences and national ID cards from 185+ countries.

Use your digital ID at the cinema

Simply show your ‘Age card’ when you’re at the cinema, and they’ll check the hologram and the QR code to prove it’s valid.

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    You can also download our partner app, Post Office EasyID. Both apps work in the same place, so wherever you can use Yoti, you can also use EasyID.

    Discover Post Office EasyID


Protecting you and your personal details

Privacy by design

Your details are encrypted in your app and can only be accessed by you.

You’re in control

No-one else can share your data, only you can with your app.

Share less data

If all you need to prove is that you’re over 18, then that’s all you’ll be asked for. 

Create once, use for life

Use your digital ID online and in 12,000 convenience stores and Post Offices in the UK.

AICPA Service Organization Control Reports SOC2. Formerly SAS 70 Reports. "Information Security Management. ISO 27001 Certified


Approved to the highest security standards

We’re trusted by regulators for adhering to the highest standards of security.


Where else can I use my digital ID?

Girl holding a parcel in the Post Office

Pick up mail and buy lottery tickets

at your local Post Office.

Window with a sticker saying "EasyID accepted here" and an image of the EasyId app

Buy age-restricted goods

at 18,000 convenience stores.

Hand with phone scanning a QR code on a website

Prove your age and identity online

with participating businesses.

Useful FAQs

Yoti is a digital identity company that makes it safer for people to prove who they are. We started with a free digital ID app and now provide verification solutions to businesses across the globe. We’re the official digital identity provider for Jersey, the Scottish Improvement Service and the proud partners of the UK Post Office. 

The Yoti app empowers people with a reusable digital ID on their phone. It takes just minutes to set up with an ID document and a selfie, and then it can be used to prove who you are, online or in person.

We’re trusted by governments and regulators for adhering to the highest security standards. All your data is securely encrypted in your app. No-one else can access your data – not even Yoti. Read more about our security accreditations here.

You’ll need a smartphone and a government-issued ID document. We accept passports, driving licences and national ID cards from 185+ countries. You can find the full list here.

Join over 3 million people in the UK with a digital ID