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Yoti app

Safely store your details, securely prove who you are

The Yoti app is your secure digital ID. It’s the safe place to store your personal details, encrypted so only you can access them.

When you need to prove your age, identity or other details about yourself, you can securely share just the details required without revealing everything about yourself.

Woman holding phone and driving license

Yoti for business

Seamless customer verification

Give your customers a safe way to prove who they are with your business. Our verification solutions can be integrated into your website, app, terminal or managed through our custom platforms.

  • Identity Verification solution by Yoti
    Identity verification
  • Age verification solution by Yoti
    Age verification
  • E-signing solutions by Yoti
  • Authentication solution by Yoti

Built with security and privacy as a priority

Our systems are built in a way that means we cannot mine or sell data to third parties. Once we’ve completed our security checks, we can’t access any user details. We’re trusted by regulators for adhering to the highest standards of security.

Committed to tech for good

Yoti was founded on a strong set of principles that we uphold to ensure we continue to only build tech for good.

As a certified B Corp, we balance profit with people and the planet. We are committed to solving identity problems through grassroots research and social purpose initiatives such as our Yoti Fellowship Programme.

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