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Yoti is your secure digital ID

The Yoti app gives you a safe way to prove your identity and credentials, online and in person.

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In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Polish

An ID for a digital world

Keep your personal details safely stored in the Yoti app, where only you can access them. When you need to prove your age, identity or credentials with a person or a business, Yoti gives you a secure way to share your details.

What you can do with your digital ID

Prove your identity online

Send only the details required to the businesses and people you trust.

Prove your identity in person

Present your Yoti ID QR code to share your verified name and photo with a Yoti user.

Prove your age

Prove your age online and at 12,000 convenience stores in England and Wales* without revealing your whole identity.

*Alcohol excluded

Connect with verified people

Be confident that the people you meet online are who they say they are.

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is accepted

Create a reusable digital ID in minutes

Verify your identity details once to create your reusable ID.

1. Download the free Yoti app.

2. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN to secure your account.

3. Take a scan of your face so we can verify you and protect your account.

4. Scan your ID document to add your details.

Why we need these details

We need these details to make sure it’s you using the app and that the ID document you add belongs to you. It’s how we stop fraudsters from accessing your data or impersonating you.

Your ID document details are securely added to your Digital ID so you can use your phone to prove your identity.

Your ID is protected and so are you

You’re in control of your details

Any details you add to your Digital ID are encrypted into unreadable data, split up and safely stored in our database. Only you have the key to unlock your encrypted details, which is stored safely in your phone, not in our database.

Share less data

We encourage businesses to only ask for the details they need, so when you verify your identity with them, you can feel safe sending less data. It’s a new way to show ID that doesn’t reveal everything about you.

Protecting your privacy

Our systems are built in a way that means we cannot mine or sell your data to third parties. Once we’ve completed our security checks, we can’t access any of your personal details. We can’t send your details to a business or individual until you choose to send them.

Approved to the highest security standards

We’re trusted by regulators for adhering to the highest standards of security.

Join over eight million people with the free Yoti app.