Remote right to rent checks

The new way to do right to rent checks


Bringing tenant checks to the digital world

Over the last few years, being able to do a right to rent check by video call has made the process much faster and easier.

Changes in UK Home Office guidance mean remote right to rent checks are here to stay. In line with the DCSM Trust Framework, you can use Yoti to digitally perform a right to rent check and receive a tenant’s verified identity and documents. We look after the paperwork and make sure you stay compliant.


Three ways for tenants to prove their right to rent



Tenants upload their documents, a selfie and enter their address to your website or app.


In branch

Those that favour some human assistance can take their documents to a Post Office branch to be scanned by a Postmaster.


Digital ID app

Tenants can also create a reusable digital ID on their phone and share identity details, pre-verified by Yoti.

*For UK and Irish nationals


Automate the tenant checking process

Leave the verification to the experts and our AI


We look after the data so you don’t have to

We send you a report, including an image of the tenant’s passport and metadata that includes our certification as an Identity Services Provider (IDSP).

You can store tenant data securely stored on our encrypted systems and access it only when you need it.


All data is protected by 256-bit encryption. Yoti is SOC2 compliant and certified to ISO27001.


Yoti will be one of the UK’s first certified Identity Services Provider (IDSP) for the Home Office Right to Rent scheme.


As an ISDP, compliance is our responsibility – so you can have one less thing to worry about.

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Speed up the contract signing process

Once you’ve completed your checks, all that’s left to do is send your tenants the final tenancy agreement for them to sign digitally.


Get started today

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