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Verify the age of your customers in seconds with secure age checks you can trust.

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Our age verification solutions

Our complementary age verification solutions connect digitally verified government-issued documents and facial recognition technology with your business for faster age verification.

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Yoti Digital ID

Customers use the free Yoti app to securely share their age with your business, both online and offline. These details are pre-verified and authenticated by our team of super-recognisers using their biometrics and a government-issued ID document. Over 5 million people have downloaded Yoti.


Age Scan by Yoti

Instantly estimate the age of your customers using our AI-powered technology, embedded within your app, website or POS terminal. Customers scan their face to get their age estimated in seconds.

Customers don’t need to provide an ID document and can feel assured knowing their scan is immediately deleted and will never be stored or seen by anyone.


Age Check

Yoti Age Check is the secure way to verify your customers buying age-restricted goods (excluding alcohol) in store.

We’ll send you pack of printed age check cards with scannable QR codes to keep at the counter. Customers buying age-restricted goods can add their ID to the free Yoti app and scan the QR code to prove their age. Our solution is compatible with the Association of Convenience Stores Assured Advice guidance. Currently customers can use Yoti Age Check in more than 10,000 convenience stores in the UK.

18+ Redirecting You-min


The UK’s Digital Economy Act will soon require anyone wanting to access online adult content to prove they are over 18.

ProveMyAge is a solution created by Yoti that gives individuals a secure way to prove their age. Individuals can privately prove they are over 18 and access online adult content without sharing sensitive personal information.


Industry uses

Age estimation self checkout


Female using digital ID to prove over 18

Age-restricted websites

Age-restricted alcoholic goods

Bars and venues

Online dating using a digital ID

Online dating & social networks

Online shopping


Cutting-edge age verification

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Complementary solutions

The combination of our age estimation and age verification solutions ensure you can offer a seamless journey to your users.
Integrate with Yoti

Flexible implementation

Set your own age thresholds and verification rules according to your local legislative and business requirements.


Our system handles millions of daily checks, so you can be sure only users from the right age group can use your services.
Privacy policy


Create safer user experiences and ensure you comply with existing and upcoming age restrictions, without having to store any customer data.

Internationally recognised security and ethical standards

Age verification pricing

In person using Yoti Age Check


for your first pack and free to use

  • ACS Assured Advice guidance for age-restricted products (excluding alcohol)
  • In-store Digital ID age checks, on your customers phone
  • First pack free - includes
    • Scannable QR cards
    • Promotional window and POS sticker
    • 'How it works' leaflets for customers
  • The Yoti app is free to your customers
  • No ongoing per transaction fee
  • Additional packs cost £10+PP



per check

  • UK's BBFC regulator approved technology
  • Age Over / Under attribute £0.15
  • Age estimation attribute £0.15
  • Verified date of birth attribute £0.30
  • Simple integration into your website or app
  • No minimum contract
  • No minimum volumes
  • No integration fees

Enterprise using Age Scan API


per check (minumum 10m checks per year)

  • UK's BBFC regulator approved technology
  • Higher volume discounts POA, tiered pricing for volumes less than 10m, up to 0.05 per check
  • Fast, reliable checks, at scale
  • Published and transparent details on accuracy across age, gender and ethnicity
  • No integration fees

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If you want to learn more about pricing and integrating Yoti into your business, speak to a member of our team. We’d love to hear from you.

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Integration guidelines

Yoti identity network integration

Integrating with Yoti is easy. Get your business set up with our secure, digital identity platform using one of our seven web SDKs or our Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal plugins. We also have mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.
Developer Guide

Age Scan 'powered by Yoti'

Yoti Age Scan is a secure age-checking service that can estimate a person’s age by looking at their face. This service has a wide application in the provision of any age-restricted goods and services, both online and in person.
Developer Guide


In light of the new UK laws, ProveMyAge gives individuals a fast, secure and private way to prove their age to access adult content online. Read our integration guide to find out how to integrate with ProveMyAge.
Developer Guide

Yoti Age Check

Yoti Age Check is the secure way to verify your customers buying age-restricted goods (excluding alcohol). Get printed age check cards with scannable QR codes to keep at the counter. Customers buying age-restricted goods can add their ID to the free Yoti app and scan the QR code to prove their age.

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