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    Age verification

Fast and simple
age verification

For your customers, it’s as simple as proving their age using their face or their phone.

Fit for your industry

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Gaming and gambling
  • E-commerce
  • E-sports and video gaming
  • Age-restricted websites
  • Delivery and logistics
  • Live streaming
  • Social networks
  • Children’s websites
  • Online dating

About Age Verification

Age checks that work for your

Our adjustable age threshold means we’re fit for global use. Set the age limit your business requires so you can comply with your industry’s regulations.

Works with

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    iOS / Android apps
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    Gaming terminals
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    Self-service machines
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    Retail self-checkouts
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    Parcel lockers
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    Automated dispensers
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    Offline age checks
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    First and only company to be certified for compliance to the BBFC’s age verification scheme.

Our products

How we verify your users

We use a combination of AI technology, liveness anti-spoofing and document authenticity checks so you can be confident in the age of your customers.

Age estimation powered by AI

Instantly verify the age of your customers using our sophisticated AI technology. Age Scan can be embedded in your app, website, self-checkout or terminal.

Customers simply scan their face to get an instant age estimation – no personal details required.

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    Our age estimation technology can handle millions of scans a day, with over 240 million age scans performed in 2019.
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    Passive liveness
    Age Scan is built with a revolutionary form of anti-spoofing that works with no added friction for the customer. Unlike active liveness tests, Our passive liveness test is less intrusive and doesn’t require the customer to undertake movements which can lead to a higher false positive rate or drop off.

Get a verified age from a Yoti Digital ID

Your customers can use the free Yoti app to securely prove their age with your business. Our expert security team will verify the user’s age using an anti-spoofing liveness test that will be matched with a government-issued ID document.

Your business can simply ask a user to prove they’re over your required age bracket. You’ll receive a verified age like ‘Over 14’ or ‘Over 18’, so your customers can feel safe sharing less personal information.

Fast, reusable access with age tokens

Our age tokens allow users to securely prove their age to access age-restricted websites. Once we have verified the user meets the minimum age requirement, we generate a hashed age token in their browser session.

This non-shareable age token allows them to access any age-restricted websites that have integrated with our AV portal. The user’s personal information will never be stored or linked to a token.

Verified age checks in convenience stores

Yoti Age Check is the ideal way to verify the age of your customers buying age-restricted items (excluding alcohol) in store. We’ll send you scannable QR codes to keep at the counter so customers can verify their age by using the free Yoti app.

Our solution is compatible with the Association of Convenience Stores Assured Advice guidance. Yoti Age Check is currently available in over 12,000 convenience stores in the UK.


Security standards you can trust

We’re trusted by governments and regulators for adhering to the highest standards of security.


First and only company to be certified under the BBFC’s age verification scheme.


Certified for our technical and organisational security processes.

ISO 27001

Certified for our information security management standards.

Safe Face Pledge

Committed to upholding the ethical code of conduct for companies using AI.


Member of the association maintaining high standards in age verification.


Member of the non-profit to help reduce and report fraud.


Seamless integration into your website, app or kiosk

We continually test our technology to improve performance and ease of integration.

Get started with no upfront integration fees.

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    Integrate in just a few hours
    Our dedicated support team ensures you have everything you need for a smooth and fast setup.
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    Flexible SDKs and plugins
    We offer wide-ranging support for major development languages and easy-to-use plugins.

“Integrating Yoti technology will help reduce the amount of interventions for retailers and help improve the customer experience of self-checkouts.”

Dusty Lutz
NCR Vice President and General Manager

“We’ve selected Yoti’s age estimation to give us a simple, private and secure way to make the app safe for our users.”

Marc-Antoine Duran
COO at Yubo


Transparent pricing

Age verification solution by Yoti

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Age verification solution by Yoti



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Age verification solution by Yoti

Age Check


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