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Speed up the self-checkout experience with automated age checks

Save your staff time with fast, reliable age checks

Age verification accounts for up to 50% of staff intervention at the self-checkout. With our automated age checks, your staff will save time on age checks and can be confident that only over age customers can purchase age-restricted items.

Customers can choose to have their age estimated using the camera on the self-checkout or share their verified age from their Digital ID.

Digital ID is now an official digital proof of age card, accredited by the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS).

Works with

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    Self-checkout terminals
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    Click and collect lockers
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    In-store apps
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    POS machines
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    Dispensing machines
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Robust age checks in seconds

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    Our age algorithm currently estimates the age of 16-25 year olds within 2.35 years accuracy, which is better than human judgment.

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    You can configure the age threshold so that anyone that looks under your age-checking policy has to prove their age with their Yoti ID, which is anchored by a government-approved ID document and a biometric selfie.

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    The whole process is contactless and involves less staff intervention, so in coronavirus times, you can protect both your staff and your customer’s safety. Our age estimation technology also works with face masks.

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    Our age estimation technology has been certified by an independent auditor for use in a Challenge 25 policy area and has been found to be at least 98.86 percent reliable.

    We’ve been working with local regulators and have been approved for use in specific regions.

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Give your staff more time to better serve your customers

With your customers empowered to manage the process themselves, your staff will be removed from potential conflict situations and have more time to focus on what really matters.

Your customers will have a better checkout experience and your staff will be happier too.

Sell age-restricted goods online with confidence

Our omnichannel age verification solution can be integrated with your website or app, allowing you to streamline the age verification process across online purchases, home delivery and in-store shopping.

You can even add ID verification as a third age verification method.

“Integrating Yoti will significantly reduce the amount of interventions for retailers, as well as improve the customer experience and use of self-checkouts.”

Dusty Lutz – NCR Store Transformation Solutions Group

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