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We use NIST-approved facial recognition technology to match your customer’s government-issued ID with their biometrics. This is reviewed by a trained team of experts in our security centre, so you can confidently fulfil your KYC requirements.

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How it works

User flow of Yoti identity verification solution

Strengthen your business processes

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Reduce the risk of fraud

Every Yoti is verified by our trained security team to help you block fraudulent applications.
Data privacy

Ensure secure transactions

We use 256-bit encryption to ensure your customers’ personal details are protected and safely shared with your business.

Increase conversion rates

Speed up your onboarding processes and enhance the end-user experience, giving your customers a fast and easy way to join your business.
Privacy policy

Enable regulatory compliance

Performing digital identity verifications with Yoti helps you to comply with industry regulations.

Sector uses

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Financial services

Paper ID passport

Travel and borders

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Gaming and gambling

Meet compliance and regulation with Yoti identity verification solutions

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Sharing economy

Sharing economy

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Identity verification pricing

Doc Scan


per check

  • Doc Scan includes data extraction, document authenticity checking and facematch (incl. liveness)
  • Yoti’s leading identity verification, embedded into your website or app
  • Image of ID document always included
  • Configurable data retention with unlimited time restraints
  • Meaningful check failure recommendations
  • Verify customers from over 175 countries
  • No minimum contract
  • No minimum volumes
  • No integration fees

Yoti Digital ID


per unique individual

  • Basic details £0.30 per check
  • Basic details include name, age, telephone, email and photo
  • Advanced details £0.30 per check
  • Advanced details include DoB, Address*, Gender, Nationality†
  • Document image £0.15
  • AML, PEPs and sanctions checks from £0.15
  • Pre-verified digital identities to enable KYC outcome in seconds
  • Verify customers from over 175 countries
  • No minimum contract
  • No minimum volumes
  • No integration fees
  • *Self asserted, †if verified to passport or National ID cards

Yoti Digital ID + Doc Scan


per check

  • Complementary products, flexibility for your users
  • All the benefits of Doc Scan and Yoti Digital ID combined
  • Verify customers from over 175 countries
  • No minimum contract
  • No minimum volumes
  • No integration fees

Pricing for charities

Eligible charities receive significant discounts to some of these prices. Please get in touch to find out more.

Integration guidelines

Yoti Digital ID

Get your business set up with our secure digital identity platform using one of our seven web SDKs, or you can choose our Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal plugins. We also have two seamless mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

Doc Scan by Yoti

Our embedded Doc Scan solution allows the user to take a photo of their ID, which we verify instantly. We prepare a response which your system can then retrieve on your hosted site.

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The secure way to check the age of your customers.
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Customers can access your services without passwords.


Verify your signees with biometrics and a government-issued ID check.