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    Identity verification

Verified customers without the hassle

Fast and simple verification for your customers. Compliance made easy for you.

Fit for your industry

  • Financial services
  • Travel and borders
  • Gaming and gambling
  • Insurance
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Government and police
  • Sharing economy
  • Higher education
  • Dating
  • Live streaming

About Identity Verification

Compliance made simple

We help you meet industry standards and comply with global regulations.

Regulatory checks
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Industry standards
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    JMLSG 2020
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    PAS 499

Get the good guys through faster

We combine world-leading technology with expert human recognisers to ensure only genuine customers can get through your identity checks.

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    Robust anti-spoofing
    Biometric face matching and liveness detection protects your business from presentation attacks.
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    Reliable ID checks
    Our checks ensure all security features are present on an ID document and check for any signs of forgery or tampering.
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    Super recogniser verification
    Customers are verified by a team of expert facial recognisers.

The technology

Robust security checks

We verify your customers and their ID documents to the highest security standards.

Liveness detection

Our robust, anti-spoofing liveness test gives us confidence that we’ve captured an image of a real person in front of a camera.

Document check

We use OCR technology, NFC chip reading and our expert security team to accurately extract data and check the ID document is genuine.

Biometric face match

Our hybrid approach uses technology and expert super recognisers to match the scan of the user’s face captured during the liveness test to their ID document photo.


Two ways to verify customers

Customers scan documents directly on your website or app

Our document scanning and verification product can be embedded into your existing flow for a seamless customer experience.

Get verified details from a Yoti Digital ID

The free consumer app gives your customers a convenient way to prove their identity. With over ten million downloads, there’s a global network of genuine customers who can connect with your business in seconds.


Seamless integration into your website, app or kiosk

We continually test our technology to improve performance and ease of integration.

Get started with no upfront integration fees.

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    Integrate in just a few hours
    Our dedicated support team ensures you have everything you need for a smooth and fast setup.
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    Flexible SDKs and plugins
    We offer wide-ranging support for major development languages and easy-to-use plugins.

Security standards you can trust

We’re trusted by regulators for adhering to the highest standards of security.


Certified for our technical and organisational security processes.

ISO 27001

Certified for our security management standards.


First certified by the UK government’s AV regulator.


Member of the association to ensure the best practices in identity document validation.


Member of the non-profit to help reduce and report fraud.

Trusted by governments and businesses

“Yoti’s technology will enable citizens to prove who they are so they can safely access government services online.”

Senator Ian Gorst
Jersey Chief Minister

“Yoti helps us meet our KYC requirements in a way that is fast, simple and robust.”

Richard Ells
Electroneum CEO and Founder

Get industry-leading benefits

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    Accept 1,000s of IDs from 200+ countries and territories
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    KYC, AML, PEPs and sanctions checks
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    Configurable secure data retention
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    Dedicated customer support team
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    Fit for global compliance
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    Audit trail for all verifications
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    Market-leading accuracy rates
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    Optional add-on: strong authentication
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    24/7 expert security centres


Transparent pricing

Doc Scan

Identity verification embedded in your flow.


per verification

Yoti Digital ID

The easiest way for customers to share already-verified details.


per verification

Verification combo

Combine both solutions for our most cost-effective rates per check and greater flexibility.


Let us help you get started

To find out how Yoti Digital ID and our verification solutions can work for you, tell us a little bit about your business.

We aim to get back to all enquiries within one business day.