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Multi-factor biometric authentication

Protect your business and give your users a secure way to access their accounts using authentication with high-level biometric face matching.

About Authentication

Strong customer authentication

Every Yoti account is unique to an individual’s phone, minimising the risk of fraudsters trying to access customer accounts with a different device.

Users need to access the Yoti app to authenticate themselves with your business. You can choose whether your business needs two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

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    Two-factor authentication
    Users are required to prove it’s them by accessing their Yoti app and entering a PIN code.
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    Multi-factor authentication
    For an added layer of security, MFA requires users to prove it’s them with a biometric face match.
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    Step up authentication
    We also offer step up authentication for high-risk transactions or if your business detects an irregularity in the transaction.

We are compliant with the strong customer authentication requirements mandated by PSD2.


Authentication features

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    Stronger than passwords
    Multi-factor authentication gives your business and users better protection than just usernames and passwords alone. It’s also more reliable than knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and one-time PIN (OTP) methods. It prevents users creating multiple accounts, while also reducing the risk of data breaches.
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    Returning user ID
    We give users a unique authentication reference called a Remember Me ID. This can be used for each website they visit, letting them access your services without sharing their details every time.

    Users cannot be personally identified by their Remember Me ID, which is stored safely in their Yoti app.

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    Simple account recovery
    Our account backup and recovery means your customers are protected from an account lockout if they lose their phone. They can download the Yoti app on a second phone and use the same PIN and biometrics to access their account.
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    World-leading technology
    We use high-level face-matching technology to confirm that your user is present at the time of authentication, ensuring the highest levels of security.

Yoti Digital ID

Get verified details with Yoti Digital ID

The free app gives your customers a convenient way to prove their identity. With over 11 million downloads, there’s a global network of already-verified, genuine customers who can connect with your business in seconds.

Yoti Digital ID can also be used for

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    Identity verification
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    Age verification
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Free consumer app for


Seamless integration into your website or app

We continually test our technology to improve performance and ease of integration.

Get started with no upfront integration fees.

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    Integrate in just a few hours
    Our dedicated support team ensures you have everything you need for a smooth and fast setup.
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    Flexible SDKs and plugins
    We offer wide-ranging support for major development languages and easy-to-use plugins.


Transparent pricing

Authentication solution by Yoti
Basic multi-factor authentication


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Authentication solution by Yoti
Biometric multi-factor authentication


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