Yoti is your digital identity

The easiest, most secure way to prove your identity online and in person

How Yoti works

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Where to use Yoti

Where can I use Yoti?

Your digital identity will make life easier, every day.

It doesn’t make sense that we have to carry driving licences on nights out and send passport photocopies to prove ourselves to businesses - add your ID documents to your Yoti and leave them safe at home.

It’s not right that identity fraudsters can scam us. Swap Yotis with the people you meet and know exactly who you’re dealing with. Goodbye catfish!

You can even forget usernames and passwords and log into websites with your biometrics.

Your ID on your phone

Creating your Yoti is simple

Create your Yoti in under 5 minutes by adding your selfie and ID documents using your phone - we transform your details into a digital identity with bank level security keeping it safe.

Do it once and then use it again and again for years to come.

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Keeping your data safe

Yoti puts the person you can trust most in charge of your data - you.

We use bank level security to verify and encrypt your personal information - separately storing each detail (first name, last name, DOB etc) - and give you the magic key to unlock and bring it back together via your Yoti app.

You control access and share the data you want to, with whom you wish. Yoti doesn’t see your details or who receives it, we just help you manage and share it securely.

Be the first to know

We’ve always got useful information to share: new country passports supported, new places where Yoti is accepted and more. If you’d like to be the first to know, follow one of the channels below.