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Committed to tech for good

At Yoti, social purpose isn’t an add on. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

From the moment we’re born, we all have the right to an identity

1.1 bn
people around the world are
unable to prove their identity.
50 %
of women in low income countries
don’t have any way of proving
who they are.
40 %
of children in the global south
don’t have a birth certificate.
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Our seventh ethical business principle is
‘Make Yoti available to everyone’

But to do so, we need to understand what identity means across the globe. Our social purpose team is dedicated to doing just that.

Our social purpose strategy is
driven by six main activities

An offline identity solution for the humanitarian sector

A flagship, identity-themed fellowship programme

A digital identity toolkit

A support programme for humanitarian, tech-focused startups

Research that helps further the development of our sector

A series of global innovation challenges

More about our social purpose activities

Offline identity solution Yoti Keys

The majority of digital identity solutions require technical know-how, expensive hardware or connectivity not available in many remote, last-mile locations where humanitarian needs are at their greatest.

Following a period of research, we are developing a simple, fully offline and open source identity solution for organisations working in challenging, last-mile locations.

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Fellowship programme

Every year we offer three fully-funded scholarships to individuals passionate about researching the opportunities and challenges of digital identity in the Global South.

Applicants can be based anywhere, though preference is given to those from under-developed regions. Fellows are supported with a generous stipend and receive logistical and technical support from Yoti.

Digital Identity Toolkit

We know digital identities can be a force for good, whether that’s helping citizens access social services they are entitled to or by keeping people safe online.

Yet many journalists, software developers, nonprofits and members of civil society struggle to understand what digital identity is, what it can be used for and how they might benefit from having one.

Our toolkit is designed to help everyone, everywhere find answers to these questions.

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Humanitarian Tech Support Programme

Our Humanitarian Tech Support Programme is designed to support tech-focused startups working to solve global humanitarian problems.

We are working closely with Programme partners to fill in any skill gaps, helping them to better understand the human, technical and environmental context of their work. We are also helping with the design, testing and deployment of their solutions.

Global innovation challenges

Technology continues to open opportunities for people everywhere to find solutions to global development problems. Innovation challenges have become an increasingly popular way to share these new ideas.

In March 2021, we launched our first initiative, an African Conservation Challenge, which explores the potential for digital identity to help foster dignified, authentic, trusted debate around Southern African conservation issues. 

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quote saying that no two tigers have the same stripes. Like human fingerprints, their stripe patterns are unique to each individual.

Tigerthon: save our tigers

We’ve joined forces with Bright Tide and Wildlife Trust of India to bring you Tigerthon – a virtual hackathon that seeks to help enforcement authorities tackle tiger-related crimes across the globe.

Over the 30th and 31st of October, Tigerthon will unite technology experts worldwide for 48 hours to develop a tool to store and share intelligence on illegal wildlife trade incidents.

Internal social purpose initiatives

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Free for charities

We gift our digital identity solutions to registered nonprofits and socially-focussed organisations around the world.

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Selfie days

Everyone at Yoti gets five days a year for either personal development or to support charitable causes that they care about.


We make our central London meeting space available to UK charities for small gatherings and events. Snacks and refreshments included!