Verified identities
in seconds

Imagine if you could know your customers without forms, ID photocopies or staff checks - confident that every one of them was who they say they are. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers never forgot their passwords because they login with their face?

Yoti is a global digital identity platform that can be integrated into your business in less than one day to bring identity verification and secure multi factor authentication in seconds.

You can also start verifying your customers without doing any technical development by simply setting up a Yoti Page.

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Secure, Fast and

A free app for consumers

People create their digital identity using biometrics and a passport or driving licence. AES 256 bit encryption protects their data and helps them safely connect it with people and businesses using the Yoti app - goodbye paper IDs, photocopies, usernames and passwords.

Boosts business efficiency

Yoti applications ensure businesses know exactly who they are dealing with in seconds. Sharing data responsibly with individuals via their Yoti app builds trust and transparency - as well as saving time and money with every engagement.

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Grow your business securely with Yoti

Yoti gives people one verified identity that can be used to securely connect with your business and other organisations for a broad range of uses everyday.

Biometric login

Safer website access without usernames and passwords


Each Yoti is verified using government IDs and biometrics

Age checks
Age checks

The verified ID solution that’s always with your customers

Building access

Quick and secure property access management

Document signing
Document signing

Verified by biometrics and government-issued IDs

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Tackling a growing issue


UK fraud incidents 2016
- 41% identity related

(ONS 2016)


increase in fraud - 88%
occurred online

(CIFAS 2016)


annual cost of UK cyber crime

( 2017)


of people want better
control of their data

(YouGov 2016)

Digital identities that everyone can trust

We understand the increasing challenges businesses face in accessing, verifying and storing customer data securely. We also help companies comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about how we help businesses with GDPR.

We’re an award winning technology company that’s guided by principles to make it safer and easier for people and organisations to share and verify personal data worldwide - providing simple, transparent solutions to everyday identity challenges.

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Yoti is a certified B Corp, internationally awarded for our commitment to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. We’re also a member of CIFAS, Digital Policy Alliance, Global Cyber Alliance and many more.

An innovative global identity platform for the digital world

Yoti is a global identity solution that brings a secure standard across 160 countries. Consumers can download Yoti from over 100 app stores worldwide and complete their digital identity using both standard and biometric passports.

Yoti verifies identities using 160 passports, 41 Driving Licences and 38 National ID cards.

See our FAQs for a full list of the ID documents we support.

The Yoti app is free to download and use: