Lady wearing volunteer t-shirt, lady working with Children, father and son using devices together

Yoti Foundation

Championing growing initiatives that tackle challenges around the world.

Our goal

The Yoti Foundation’s core values of transparency, accessibility and inclusion seek to complement the company’s wider social purpose goals.

Rather than focus on a single global theme, the Yoti Foundation aims to support initiatives that leverage some of the company’s core characteristics and principles. These include its collaborative nature, drive for transparency and entrepreneurial spirit – both online and offline.

The Yoti Foundation is particularly keen for our priorities to be influenced by both Yoti’s global team and its users.

  • About us

    The Yoti Foundation is an independent grant-making entity, regulated by the Charity Commission.

    Alongside developing its ethical framework, establishing the Guardian Council and becoming one of the UK’s founding B Corps, this commitment is another way that Yoti has tried to build a purposeful business right from the start.

  • Since Yoti was founded, it took the bold step of pledging 1% of future revenue and 2.5% of profit to the Yoti Foundation.

Our impact so far

The Yoti Foundation is thrilled to announce RIVET as our first partner. RIVET is a hugely ambitious non profit organisation that funds and amplifies social change projects led by young people all over the world.

RIVET brings together young people, NGOs and influencers to finance projects that tackle everything from food insecurity in rural areas to systemic gender bias in their communities.

To date, RIVET has funded over 1,000 projects in 66 countries, impacting over 260,000 people.

RIVET poster on the walls of a building site in a city