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Where to use Yoti ID

Use your Yoti ID online worldwide and in over 50,000 Post Offices, Payzone stores and convenience stores in the UK.

Where you can use Yoti ID in person

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    Buy a lottery ticket
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    Buy cigarettes
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    Buy an energy drink
11,500 Post office branches
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    Parcel collection
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    Buy a lottery ticket
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    Buy a lottery ticket
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    Buy cigarettes
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    Buy an energy drink

Use Yoti ID online

You can also use your Yoti ID to prove your identity online and sign up to some digital-first businesses and governments.

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Useful FAQs

A Digital ID encrypts your ID document and other personal details, safely stored on your phone. It’s designed to make it easier for you to prove who you are and share less data.

As well as Yoti ID, Post Office EasyID and Lloyds Bank SmartID are also Digital ID apps accepted at all the same places Yoti is. A Digital ID can be used to scan Digital ID QR codes to share details, as well as show privacy-protected details in person.

It takes minutes to set up an account. Verify your identity details once to create your reusable ID.

  1. Download the free Yoti ID app.
  2. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN to secure your account.
  3. Take a scan of your face so we can verify you and protect your account.
  4. Upload a scan of your ID document.

Currently, Digital ID’s can’t be used as proof of age to buy alcohol in the UK. This is due to legislation that states a physical ID with a holographic mark must be checked if a person “appears” under 18 (or under 25 if Challenge 25 is in operation).

We know that using Yoti ID to buy alcohol would be really useful and are liaising with bodies like Trading Standards, the Home Office Alcohol Licensing team and UK Cinema Association to try and modernise the legislation.

We have designed our systems and products to provide a rigorous level of security in order to keep your data safe.

We’re audited on a yearly basis by accredited external auditors under world-leading security schemes, which you can read about here.

Any data you add to your Yoti ID app is encrypted into unreadable data that only you can unlock. Your encryption key is stored on your phone and is activated when you unlock your app with your PIN, thumbprint or Face ID.

Once we’ve completed our security checks that we carry out when you add an ID document, we can’t access any of your data – only you can decrypt it with your app.

Yoti ID for business

Join the growing network of businesses accepting Yoti ID

Millions of people and thousands of businesses are already embracing the ID of the future. It empowers individuals, giving them a safe way to prove who they are across many parts of their life. Join the identity revolution and become one of the trusted businesses that fit seamlessly into your customer’s every day digital world.

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