We’ve partnered with businesses to expand our offering and make digital identities available for everyone.

Post Office: online and face-to-face identity services

The partnership combines Post Office’s long-established experience in UK identity services and their extensive branch network with our robust anti-spoofing technology and innovative business solutions covering identity verification, age verification, eSignatures and customer authentication.

FRANKD with Yoti: rapid on-site COVID-19 testing

We’ve teamed up with GeneMe to deliver FRANKD – a fast, reliable test for COVID-19.

Individuals can have their test results directly issued to their phone via the Yoti app, where their information is securely stored as encrypted data that only they can unlock.

NCR: self-checkout age verification

From small cafes to the most sophisticated banks and retailers on the planet, NCR powers the technology that we use on a daily basis.

We’ve integrated our age verification technology directly into NCR’s self-checkout software, allowing customers to prove their age by looking into the SCO camera or scanning a QR code to prove their verified date of birth with their Yoti app.

Synectics Solutions: risk screening for eKYC and AML

Transform your approach to risk management, financial crime and fraud prevention with Synectics Solutions.

Synectics Solutions has integrated our identity verification technology to deliver simple, private and secure KYC checks in financial services.

HID: biometric secure access control

HID power trusted identities with solutions like access control, identity management, asset tracking and more.

Our verified digital ID solution means you can securely issue access credentials to your staff members digital ID on their phone. No more lost cards.

Galaxkey: verified emails to prevent phishing scams

Galaxkey provide users with the world’s most secure email, document and secure file sharing platform.

When used in combination with Yoti, organisations can eliminate phishing and email fraud with verified senders and receivers.

JNCTN: verifiable credential management

This new partnership will provide businesses with a verified credential and digital identity solution for the global market.

Manage all your enterprise credentials with JNCTN and seamlessly issue a secure credential to the Yoti app.

ForgeRock: enterprise-grade authentication

ForgeRock is a multinational identity and access management software company.

We’ve built a marketplace app so companies that have integrated with ForgeRock can simply integrate with Yoti to combine the power of verified biometric IDs with enterprise identity and access management.

Reflex Gaming: age verification for gaming

Reflex is a game developer with a significant share in the Pub Retail, Arcade, Bingo and Private Members Club sectors.

The combination of Reflex’s Slingshot ecosystem and age verification technology brings a powerful integrated solution that helps people prove their age in two secure, privacy-preserving ways.

StrongPoint: age verification for retail

StrongPoint focuses on helping retailers increase productivity with integrated in-store technologies, checkout efficiency solutions and e-commerce logistics such as order picking and last mile solutions.

Our partnership will allow them to automate the self-checkout experience by offering leading age assurance technology to their tech-savvy customers.


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