JNCTN and Yoti’s strategic partnership to provide a single verified digital identity and credential management solution

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Yoti and New Zealand’s credential management platform JNCTN are excited to officially announce our partnership today. This new partnership will bring consumers a verified credential and digital identity solution for the global market.

Wayne Stemp, Founder of JNCTN says “Working together will allow both of us to provide integrated identity and credential management solutions for international clients. We see the partnership as eliminating the risks associated with increased fake identities, allowing businesses to be able to instantly identify and verify staff.  This will also give individuals the security needed to protect their identity and credentials from theft.“ 

This is reinforced by the recent January 2019 McKinsey report on Digital Identification that noted nearly one billion people globally lack a legally recognised form of identification reinforcing that this integrated solution is well overdue.  The partnership will introduce a single integrated solution, offering a digital credential wallet for businesses and individuals alike. The Yoti JNCTN solution will allow the safe and secure issuing, storing, sharing and revoking of credentials, which are matched to a verified personal ID so an individual can prove their identity and qualifications are genuine.

Robin Tombs says “Yoti’s digital ID app is transforming the way people prove who they are using their phone. JNCTN’s credential platform is transforming how people prove their qualifications and together we provide a powerful management tool for businesses and the consumer.

This partnership is a strategic global market move, giving both companies the ability to provide a single solution that can be rapidly deployed and configured to meet customers’ requirements.”