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We're on a mission to become the world's most trusted identity platform.

We make it safer for individuals to prove who they are

We began in 2014 by building a free consumer app that puts your ID on your phone. Yoti ID is designed with privacy at its core, giving individuals a safe way to share personal details with businesses and individuals.

Today, we have over 14 million app downloads around the world. We’ve expanded our offering to a suite of business solutions that span identity verification, age estimation, e-signing and AI anti-spoofing technologies.

We’re working together to fix an outdated identity system

This is not a journey we make on our own but with policy advisors, think tanks, researchers, academics, humanitarian bodies, our users and everyday people.

How we make money

Yoti ID will always be free for individuals. We make money by charging businesses to check the identity details of their customers.

Our systems are built in a way that means only the user can access their data, which means we cannot mine or sell user data to third parties.

Social purpose is at the heart of everything we do

As a certified B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Having an identity is a human right. It gives us access to resources and unlocks a whole range of opportunities. That’s why we want to make Yoti available to everyone.

Built as a force for good

The way we build our solutions is different to other tech companies. Yoti was founded on a strong set of principles that we uphold to ensure we continue to only build tech for good.

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    Always act in the interest of our users
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    Encourage personal data ownership
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    Enable privacy and anonymity
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    Keeping sensitive data secure
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    Keep our community safe
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    Be transparent and accountable
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    Make Yoti available to anyone

Guardian Council

Staying true to our principles

Our independent ethics board is made up of influential individuals from relevant fields such as human rights, data privacy and last mile tech. With no financial stake in the company, our Guardians offer their impartial views on the technology we’re developing or business decisions we’re making. They help us to navigate the complex world of identity and ensure we always strive to do what’s right by our community.

Photo of Seyi Akiwowo, a Yoti Guardian

Seyi Akiwowo

Founder and Executive Director of Glitch

Seyi is the Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, a non-profit organisation determined to end online abuse through advocacy, campaigning and education.

Dr. Sindhu Joseph

Dr. Sindhu Joseph

CEO and Founder of Cognicor Technologies Inc.

Dr. Sindhu is the CEO and founder of Wealth Management AI startup CogniCor. With a global background spanning India, Europe and the USA, she is passionate about AI and democratising access to wealth for all.

Headshot of Jerry Michalski

Jerry Michalski

Founder of Rel8 and Open Global Mind

Jerry is the founder of Rel8 and Open Global Mind, projects designed to help humans make better decisions together. He is an expert on building trust and using it to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Leadership team

Robin Tombs

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hugh Godsal

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Julie Dawson

Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer

John Abbott

Chief Commercial Officer, Global Partnerships

Chris Field

Chief Marketing Officer

Rhodri James

Chief Sales Officer

Ben Pearse

Chief Product Officer

Paco Garcia

VP, Engineering

Gunnar Hakonarson

Chief Information Officer & Interim CISO

Alttaf Hussain

Director of Engineering, eSign & SaaS Integrations

Omari Rodney

Chief Product Engineer

Paolo Greci

VP, Engineering

Kiran Bali

Head of Customer Success

Jason Martyres

Head of Integrations

Denzil Tapsell-Gunner

General Counsel & DPO

Ethics and trust committee

Our internal committee makes sure that we stick to our core principles in day-to-day work. They determine our public commitments on ethical and moral issues and devise practical solutions for the company.