Transforming the shopping experience with StrongPoint and automated age checks

profile picture John Abbott 3 min read

We have joined forces with StrongPoint to transform the retail experience with automated technology that makes shopping smoother, faster and safer.

Since the beginning of our collaboration back in 2018, we have streamlined Click & Collect, tobacco dispensing and automated self-checkout solutions to reduce the need for staff interventions. This gives shoppers a seamless and contactless experience, while saving retailers time and money.

Our latest proposition is to introduce our anonymous age estimation technology, Yoti Age Scan, in StrongPoint self-checkouts, Click & Collect lockers and Vensafe dispensing machines. Customers will also be able to prove their age using their phone by sharing a verified age from their Yoti Digital ID.



StrongPoint focuses on helping retailers increase productivity with integrated in-store technologies, checkout efficiency solutions and e-commerce logistics such as order picking and last mile solutions. 

Our partnership will allow them to automate the self-checkout experience by offering leading age assurance technology to their tech-savvy customers.

Pushing the limits is always on our radar,” says SVP StrongPoint Technology, Julius Stulpinas. “ For years working with self-service solutions and checkout efficiency, we clearly see the benefit and value Yoti’s platform is bringing to the automation of commerce processes.”


The retail experience during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has thrown up new pressures in retail whose number one priority is to make shopping safer. Our age assurance solutions are contactless and minimise physical contact between customers and cashiers by removing the need to exchange physical documents.

As Julius Stulpinas, SVP StrongPoint Technology, clearly highlights,”Automated age verification on self-checkouts and Click & Collect lockers will enable to eliminate direct contact between store staff and customers, making the shopping journey safer and faster. Our partnership will allow them to deliver leading solutions for automated age-restricted sales in supermarkets using both age estimation technology plus Yoti Digital ID.”


The future of automation in retail

We’re really excited about this partnership, which is going from strength to strength.

Our Chief Business Officer, John Abbott, explains, Shoppers don’t need to sign up for the age estimation solution, or carry personal documents to the store – this means the time of store staff can be dedicated to providing higher-value services for customers and respect social distancing rules in the backdrop of Covid-19.”

You can see our combined Yoti and StrongPoint solution in action here.