Yoti now available through ForgeRock

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At Yoti, we provide  solutions for organisations to securely verify the identity of their users.  So, we partner with a variety of organisations to help make the digital world that little bit more convenient and secure. We are especially excited to announce that we’re now working with ForgeRock. 


What is ForgeRock? 

ForgeRock is a multinational digital identity and access management platform. It specialises in creating backend solutions for organisations to verify their customers. The company was founded in 2010, with headquarters in San Francisco, California. 


How does our partnership with ForgeRock work? 

We have built a node (or marketplace app) for ForgeRock BackStage. This means that companies that have integrated with ForgeRock can simply integrate the Yoti node, which is already compatible with ForgeRock Access Manager. Now the many organisations that use ForgeRock can quickly integrate with Yoti, using it to sign in to their platforms or verify their users. 


Why is this huge? 

By working with ForgeRock and other open source identity and access management platforms, organisations around the world can easily integrate our technology into their systems. There are huge benefits of using Yoti to verify who you are, which you can find here

This is one of the many steps we’re  taking to become the world’s most trusted identity platform. 


More information

If you are a business using ForgeRock and are interested in our biometric identity solutions, contact us here. You can also check out our Yoti node here.