Our ground-breaking new partnership with Post Office

We’ve partnered with Post Office to provide accessible and inclusive identity services.

Introducing the future of inclusive digital identity services

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Post Office in a unique union that brings together a world-leading suite of online and in-person identity verification solutions to the UK market. 

The partnership combines Post Office’s long-established experience in UK identity services and their extensive branch network with our robust anti-spoofing technology and innovative business solutions covering identity verification, age verification, eSignatures and customer authentication.

Together, our mission is to provide businesses across the UK with a secure solution to help prevent identity fraud and to give people a convenient and safe way of proving their identity – online or at their local Post Office.

Our business solutions

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    Identity verification

    We verify your customers and their ID documents to the highest security standards.

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    Age verification

    Customers prove their age with your business using either their face or their phone.

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    Customer authentication

    Protect your business and give your users a secure way to access your service using high-level biometric face matching. 

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    Get your documents signed in seconds with simple, flexible eSignatures.

Say hello to EasyID

EasyID is the digital identity app from Post Office. It works seamlessly with the Yoti app, creating the UK’s largest trusted and reusable digital identity network.

Identity verification for a more inclusive world

We share the same strong principles with Post Office, including a core belief that the right to identity should be available to everyone. We are both committed to building tech for good to ensure that services are inclusive and accessible to all, with both online and in-branch verification.

Trusted for our high security standards

We’re trusted by regulators for adhering to the highest standards of security.

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Verification that works seamlessly with your business

Get in touch to find out how our solutions can help you expand or protect your organisation.