The faster, smarter way to verify customers

Give your customers a convenient way to prove their identity using Post Office EasyID.

About Post Office EasyID

A secure digital ID for your customer

Our unique new partnership with Post Office is making identity services more accessible for people across the UK.

Post Office EasyID is powered by Yoti technology, so your customers can safely store their details on their phone and verify their identity with your business.

Users verify their identity details once to create a reusable digital ID they can use to prove who they are online, at their local Post Office branch or wherever suits your business.

By joining forces, both apps give your business a network of millions of customers who can connect with your business in seconds.

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How we verify users

We use a combination of world-leading technology and automated checks for faster verification, giving you a scalable solution that can handle a large number of checks. 

Your customer simply needs to take a scan of their face and a government-issued ID document. We accept thousands of ID documents from over 200 countries and territories, accurately extracting data using OCR technology and NFC passport chip reading capabilities. We then match the customer’s biometric selfie to their ID document photo.

Where necessary, we also use a team of verification specialists to ensure only genuine users can create a digital ID.

A safe place for your customers' details

Personal details

Your customers create their digital ID by taking a biometric selfie and adding a government-approved ID document. We verify the user and issue individual attributes to their EasyID app.

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    ID document details
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    Contact details
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    Address details
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    Digital proof of age cards


Using the same technology, organisations can issue credentials to a user’s EasyID app. Credentials can be shared digitally or shown on screen.

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    Medical test results
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    Residency status
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    Staff or student ID cards
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    Qualifications / certifications

A radical new approach to storing sensitive data

Our systems are architected using PKI technology, which means personal data can only be accessed by the user.

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    Separately encrypted details
    Any details a user adds to their digital ID are split up, individually encrypted and safely stored in Yoti’s database. Users are in control to share specific details, rather than sharing their whole ID.
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    Request only the details you need

    Your customers will feel safe sharing less data and you can ensure you’re complying with the GDPR principle of data minimisation.

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    Only accessible by the user

    Only the user has the key to unlock their encrypted details. This key is stored safely on their phone and not on the Yoti database.


Seamless integration into your website, app or kiosk

Our SDK can be seamlessly integrated into your website, app or kiosk. Customers simply scan a QR code or tap a button in your flow to share their pre-verified details with you.

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