Yoti partners with the Improvement Service to help deliver digital services to Scottish citizens

profile picture Rachael Trotman 2 min read

Today marks a landmark day for Yoti. We’ve been selected by the Improvement Service in Scotland to help transform local and regional services. We’ll give Scottish residents an easier and safer way of proving their age and entitlement to access a wide range of services, rewards and discounts.

What does this mean for Scottish citizens?

They will be able to leave valuable ID documents like their passport, driving licence, and other existing forms of identity safe at home, and prove who they are using Yoti.

Scottish residents will, in the future, be able to use Yoti to:

  • Prove who they are to businesses without showing or photocopying paper documents
  • Prove their age on nights out and when buying age-restricted goods
  • Prove their entitlement to use local services, including leisure and sports facilities
  • Show their age on transport services to qualify for travel concessions
  • Confirm the identity of people they meet online
  • Log in to websites more securely without passwords
  • Securely access online public services by applying for a myaccount

Verified digital identities will help transform local and regional services as businesses and government bodies have confidence individuals are who they say they are; creating more trust and transparency in the details shared.

Sarah Gadsden, the Improvement Service’s interim CEO said, “We anticipate smartphone ownership will continue to grow and as technology evolves and mobile usage increases, we’re committed to maximise the use of secure mobile and digital technology to deliver information and services to citizens. Yoti will help us and our partners in the drive to transform essential public services and improve outcomes, meet our own and wider aspirations to deliver more information online, and give individuals a safer and more convenient way to prove their age and entitlement to access services. We selected Yoti due to their innovative, user-centric, secure and privacy-by-design approach.”

This is just the start of a great partnership in Scotland. We hope businesses and individuals will benefit from digital services for many years to come.