Yoti selected as the official identity provider for the Government of Jersey

profile picture John Abbott 3 min read

Today marks a landmark day for Yoti. We have been selected as the identity provider for the Government of Jersey.

Securing our first government contract is a huge milestone in our journey and something all of the team are incredibly proud of.

Jersey’s search for an ID solution

In August 2017, Jersey’s Government issued a tender which called for a digital ID solution. This was part of the eGov initiative to get more services online, such as filing a tax return, registering to vote and accessing the citizen portal.

The Government wants to offer a greater range of online services but needs to be certain that the users are who they say they are.

What does this mean for Jersey citizens?

Yoti will give islanders a simple, fast and secure way to prove their identity, online and in person. They’ll be able to use Yoti to:

  • Prove who they are when dealing with the States of Jersey online and in person, making it more convenient when using digital services and reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud
  • Log into websites more securely without having to remember usernames and passwords – helping to protect online accounts and personal information
  • Leave valuable ID documents safe at home and prove their age with their phone
  • Prove their identity to businesses without showing and photocopying paper documents

Jersey’s visionary choice to use a digital identity system will help its government bodies, businesses and citizens to get things done in a simple and secure way, with less risk of fraud – an issue which costs the global society billions every year.

By giving individuals a free digital identity which they can create in minutes, businesses across a range of sectors can begin to leverage the benefits of digital identity into their own products and services, including finance, voting, healthcare, physical asset management, and many more.

Assistant Minister, Deputy Scott Wickenden, said: “One of the reasons we have chosen Yoti is that its verification system can be used by many other organisations. People are more likely to sign up with a service that they can use for a number of different purposes, and because Yoti can verify identity, and therefore age, this means that a wide range of industries – from financial services to hospitality – can use it to verify the identities of their customers.”

The States of Jersey’s Chief Executive, Charlie Parker, said: “This important piece of technology is fundamental to the restructuring of our public services and the provision of integrated, online services to islanders. We have established one set of standards for all our online services and now we have a digital ID system that allows islanders to interact with government on a confidential, secure basis. This is a vital step in modernising the States of Jersey, and in developing an effective, efficient and responsive public sector, with outstanding services at its core.”

This is just the start of a great partnership with Jersey. We hope that their government, businesses and citizens will benefit from a secure digital identity system for many years to come.

Time to raise a glass and celebrate!?