Yoti’s CEO Robin Tombs on the BBC Breakfast sofa talking biometrics

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We knew something had to be done to fix the world’s broken identity system, and that the solution must put the consumer firmly in control of something as precious as their identity. It made no sense to us that while the rest of our lives were going digital, the way we proved who we are was stubbornly clinging to paper and card.

We decided to use the advancements in biometrics and smartphones to develop a modern digital identity solution that gives people a simpler, faster and secure way to prove who they are.

Yoti has been built using the latest technology including facial recognition, with the intention of solving the challenge of proving our identity.

We use facial recognition to match people’s biometrics to their ID documents, giving them a secure digital identity they can use online and in person. This helps reduce identity theft, fraud and can help build trust online. The individual always consents to using their biometrics and knows how they will be used.

Individuals also consent whenever sharing their details, and always get a receipt of what information they have shared. We believe in putting individuals in control of their data.

We do not snoop on individuals using Yoti and we can’t see the details being shared. We charge a business a small fee for receiving verified details from a user.

We have a simple, principled, transparent business model and an increasingly popular app with 1.1m installs and climbing. We have built Yoti in a way individuals told us they wanted digital identity to work.

There are 6.3 billion smartphone users and we believe many of them will choose to create a digital identity to have an easier and safer way of proving who they are, online and in person.