Securely issue medical test results

Using our tech to help health care organisations

Our solutions help health care organisations operate more efficiently and effectively in our increasingly digital world. From Digital ID cards and credentials to our health testing platform, Yoti’s solutions offer secure and efficient means to a more effective organisation.

Digital ID cards - in partnership with the NHS

Working with NHS England and NHS Improvement, we are already issuing thousands of digital staff ID cards to the NHS. This not only cuts costs, but increases the ability of staff to move cross function to different sites easily and efficiently. No need to re-verify identity, clinical status or qualifications.

Yoti ID screen displaying a mockup of a NHS ID Card
Yoti's health testing platform across different devices

Yoti Testing Platform

The Yoti testing platform can help management and issuance of test results, from start to finish. 

Results can be issued directly to an individual’s Yoti app, or alternatively via email or hard copies. 

Users can securely share these verified details with other key workers or any other person or organisation.

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