Health testing wells on a laptop and a digital certificate for a patient on an iPhone showing that their test resutls are negative
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Streamline your pathology testing service

Manage the end-to-end health screening process in one place.

About Health Portal

Health testing made easy

Whether you’re delivering pathology tests to patients at home, in the community or on site, our health portal lets you manage the entire testing process in one place.

The simple user interface makes collecting and processing samples easy for medical professionals, lab technicians and members of the public alike.

With automatic results issuance and a customisable certificate, you have everything you need to deliver a successful testing program tailored to your needs.

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How it works

Deliver a streamlined testing service

1. Collect sample

Collect a sample from your customer and digitally link their personal details by scanning a code on the test sample.

2. Process tests

Configure the portal for the type of test and machine you’re using and allocate individual tests to a space on the screen.

3. Send results

Results can be automatically sent to patients or withheld until they’ve been reviewed by a medical professional.

Health testing digital wells for tracking each patients tests and ensuring there are no mix ups
Process tests

Make the testing process as simple as possible

Lab technicians are guided through the testing process and assign each sample to a place on the screen by scanning a code on the test sample.

Timers can alert lab technicians when a test has expired and allocate tests to a specific position in their testing area. This helps those carrying out large-scale community testing process the maximum number of tests without mixing up tests and results.

Send results

Automate the results issuance process

Control exactly when you want to issue test results to your customers – automatically or after they have been reviewed by a medical professional. 

Customers will receive an email with their results and a certificate that you can configure inline with your pathology testing programme.

Covid-19 test result on Yoti ID

Yoti ID

Seamlessly link results to a verified identity

Customers can choose to link their verified digital ID to the test kit when their sample is collected. When the results are ready, they’re issued directly to their Yoti ID as a secure and verifiable digital credential.

It takes just minutes to create a verified digital ID with the free Yoti ID. Users simply upload an ID document and take a biometric selfie, and we do the rest.


Simple results management and reporting

The dashboard shows a clear overview of the test results, which can be shared with health authorities via API.

User permissions let you protect customer data and control who can view, edit or download test results to share with other health professionals and regulators.

Health testing portal reporting screen


Secure data storage and retention

Keep sensitive patient health information (PHI) separate from your laboratory information management system and securely encrypt it in the Yoti platform.

You can also configure the retention period to make sure all records are deleted at the correct time.

Yoti is certified to meet the requirements of SOC 2 Type II and ISO/IEC 27001, and is GDPR compliant.

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