Citizen-centric digital ID for the public and private sector

Empower your citizens with a reusable digital ID

As governments begin to digitise their public services, building a secure digital identity network is key for citizens to prove who they are across platforms and providers. 

With Yoti, anyone can create a verified digital ID for free using their government-approved ID document and a biometric face scan. 

Yoti Digital ID

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Deliver a seamless online experience

Simple registration

Citizens can use their digital ID to register for your services online and share their identity details instantly by scanning a QR code on the screen. 

They’ll enjoy a streamlined digital onboarding process free of paperwork and you’ll have removed the biggest barrier for accessing services – attending an office in person.

Secure sign in

We verify users to the highest standards and encrypt their personal details so only they can access them. Once verified, citizens can use their digital ID to sign in to their account with secure two-factor authentication (2FA), giving their account stronger protection than just a username and password.

You can request they take a biometric selfie with their Yoti app so you can be sure that the right person is accessing the right services.

Optional one-time ID verification

For citizens that don’t want to create a reusable digital ID, they can perform a one-time identity verification by uploading a scan of their ID document and a biometric face scan within your portal.

We’ll verify the users to the same high standards and send you the results of the identity checks.

“It was important for us to give applicants as much choice as possible. Being able to offer citizens the ability to upload a scan of their ID document enabled us to increase the usability of the service by making it frictionless for applicants who didn’t have the Yoti app.”

 Andrew Campbell – Programme Manager, Digital Public Services at the Improvement Service

Offer a wider range of online services

With secure digital identity verification embedded into your customer portal, you can deliver a wider range of services that your citizens can access from the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to our work with the Government of Jersey, citizens can file a tax return and apply for Settled Status using Yoti.

Business network

Secure citizen verification across
the private and public sector

Millions of people and thousands of businesses are already embracing the ID of the future. It empowers individuals, giving them a safe way to prove who they are across many parts of their life. Join the identity revolution and become one of the trusted organisations that fit seamlessly into your citizen’s every day digital world.

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Boost productivity across government departments

With citizens empowered to manage the identity verification process, local councils will have more time to focus on the people that need the most support. 

Our secure e-signing portal can also work hand in hand with our identity verification solution to improve efficiency across your business. Basildon Council have solved different business needs across departments by adopting e-signatures with verification at the point of signing.

“A secure digital ID system is fundamental to providing integrated, online services and supporting the modernisation of Jersey’s public sector. Yoti’s technology will enable islanders to prove who they are so they can safely access government services online.”

Senator Ian Gorst – former Chief Minister of Jersey

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