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Getting to grips with GDPR: The right to request deletion

The fourth article in our series on GDPR rights is about the deletion right. Catch up on previous articles that cover your right to be informed, the access right, and the correction right.   Part 4: The right to request deletion There has been a lot of hype and misleading information about this right and it is often called ‘the right to be forgotten’. The reality is that there is no such right, and it has always been the case that your right is to request deletion, not demand it. This is a complicated right in that it only applies in

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Yoti’s CEO Robin Tombs on the BBC Breakfast sofa talking biometrics

We knew something had to be done to fix the world’s broken identity system, and that the solution must put the consumer firmly in control of something as precious as their identity. It made no sense to us that while the rest of our lives were going digital, the way we proved who we are was stubbornly clinging to paper and card. We decided to use the advancements in biometrics and smartphones to develop a modern digital identity solution that gives people a simpler, faster and secure way to prove who they are. Yoti has been built using the latest

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Yoti and CitizenCard launch new digital ID card

Everyone needs a way to prove their identity. Whether it’s to collect a parcel from the post office, buy an age restricted item, open a bank account or apply for a job. For many young people, they’re too young to have a driving licence and their parents don’t want them to carry around a £49 passport simply to prove their age to see a film, buy a game or purchase a child’s train ticket. With almost 20% of people losing an ID document at least once a year, young people need a safer and more affordable way to prove their

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Yoti selected as the official identity provider for the Government of Jersey

Today marks a landmark day for Yoti. We have been selected as the identity provider for the Government of Jersey. Securing our first government contract is a huge milestone in our journey and something all of the team are incredibly proud of. Jersey’s search for an ID solution In August 2017, Jersey’s Government issued a tender which called for a digital ID solution. This was part of the eGov initiative to get more services online, such as filing a tax return, registering to vote and accessing the citizen portal. The Government wants to offer a greater range of online services

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Yoti on a map of Scotland, marking the partnership with the Improvement Service

Yoti partners with the Improvement Service to help deliver digital services to Scottish citizens

Yoti will support individuals in Scotland to create a secure digital identity, giving them an easier and safer way to prove their age and entitlement to access services  Through an Alpha phase, the pathfinder will look to unlock the potential of Yoti’s free app to let Scottish residents prove their age and entitlement, online and in person  Yoti responded to the tender issued by The Improvement Service which called for digital identity companies to help transform local and regional services through innovation  This announcement follows successful partnerships in India and Jersey, helping Yoti on its mission to become the world’s

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Yoti partners with LedgerState

Yoti and LedgerState showcase how next generation blockchain technology can transform the way governments handle personal data

Yoti and LedgerState today showcased at the World Economic Forum how governments and other organisations can capitalise on evolutions in blockchain technology to store personal data of their citizens and customers. Yoti, the digital identity platform, lets people create verified digital identities through their free smartphone app. The app uses facial recognition technology and a security team to match facial biometrics to approved photo IDs. These digital identities can then be written to a private ledger using an evolution of blockchain technology called Hashgraph. Hashgraph uses an asynchronous process, meaning it is not reliant on the proof of work systems

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