Helping the Co-op make good things happen with our Covid-19 Pledge

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Yoti partners with co-op with our Covid-19 pledge

Co-op are on a mission to help people make good things happen in communities and we’re really happy to support them with our COVID-19 pledge.

Through their community co-operate platform, they’re bringing together multiple services that make it easier for people to come together and change their communities for the better. The platform is a hub of advice, guides and activities, which allows people to request and offer support.

In order to keep their communities safe, they’ll be using our embedded identity verification technology to securely vet applicants that register to offer their support.

This technology sits within the sign up process and will allow individuals to upload a passport or driving licence directly to the platform. They’ll be asked to take a selfie in order to prove they’re a real person and have their face matched with their ID document through leading AI technology, bolstered by manual checks.

Our technology allows Co-op to carry out the necessary identity checks in a matter of minutes, rather than days. Volunteers won’t be sent to other websites or have to wait for emails – they can complete the identity verification process all within one registration flow. This also avoids the need to send copies of ID documents via email and means sensitive data is secured through encryption.

We wholeheartedly support the Co-op in their mission to start bring communities together across the country and look forward to supporting them with our tech to make this even easier and more secure.

We are already helping numerous other initiatives such as the NHS with staff digital ID cards, the DoIT volunteer platform, and hyper-local to national charity organisations across the globe. If you want to join the movement, you can get in touch here to hear more about our secure identity verification and health test credential solutions.