Yoti is speeding up KYC for Gamesys online casinos and bingo

profile picture Matt Prendergast 2 min read

Leading gaming operator Gamesys Group is transforming the registration experience with  Yoti’s document scanning and verification product Doc Scan. Doc Scan will be embedded into Gamesys’ bingo and casino game sites.

Yoti’s Doc Scan is simple yet robust for businesses and customers alike, offering seamless identity checking with our award-winning technology under the hood. Together, we’ll help people register faster, while helping Gamesys tackle fraud and comply with the Gambling Commissions players safety rules. 

Doc Scan makes gaming ID verification easy for customers without compromising on security. It helps businesses complete know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks around the globe, accepting 1,000s of ID documents from 200+ countries – providing a full check report for audit trails and compliance.

Simon Mizzi, Marketing Director of Gamesys said: “This partnership with Yoti is a double win for Gamesys. Not only does it enhance the already strong processes that we have in place but it demonstrates our determination to understand and care for our customers and to provide them with the most enjoyable experience within a secure environment”.

For individuals, using Doc Scan is as simple as taking a photo of their government-approved ID document and a photo of themselves. Yoti brings biometric liveness and face matching, accurate data extraction and document authenticity checks by our 24/7 expert security centres to ensure a frictionless experience and a high-level of assurance.

John Abbott, Chief Business Officer at Yoti said “We’re delighted to be working with Gamesys to make the gaming experience better for players. Gamesys share our commitment to building trust between businesses and consumers – and together we provide a simple, private and secure way for people to prove their identity for Gamesys powered games.”

Seamless integration takes just a few hours into websites or apps thanks to our wide-ranging support for major development languages and easy-to-use plugins. With checks start as little as £0.25, Doc Scan can help you transform the KYC process for your customers and business.