Pledging our digital identity verification services free to organisations tackling the Covid-19 crisis

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Updated Friday 27th March 2020: Read more about how we can help organisations involved in the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic here.

At Yoti, we have spent six years building a secure identity platform that makes it simpler and safer to prove who we are in our modern, digital world. We have always offered our digital identity app free to eligible charities and nonprofits, and for the next three months, we will be extending this commitment to any public health organisation, emergency service and community initiative tackling the Covid-19 crisis. 

We want to help organisations under immense pressure to verify or authenticate staff, suppliers and individuals in a secure, private and scalable way. 

Our robust identity-checking system is built on government-grade levels of security and will ensure that data privacy is maintained with the highest integrity during the current crisis. We are trusted as the official ID provider to the Government of Jersey and Improvement Service in Scotland, and are certified as an HM Government G-Cloud supplier.


Contactless, digital ID

The Yoti app empowers individuals with a reusable digital ID that they can use on their phone. It has over 6 million global downloads and over 60,000 installs a month in the UK. It’s built with privacy at its core and enables individuals to securely and easily share just parts of their personal information with verified organisations and retain a full audit trail of any data sharing.

Embracing digital IDs could be hugely beneficial in many aspects of the economy right now, such as in supermarkets where retail staff face possible contagion from stockpiling shoppers. Replacing paper and plastic identity documents with a contactless ID would minimise physical contact and risk. Yoti is already accepted for the sale of age-restricted goods in 12,000 convenience stores in the UK and can be used as a secure way of proving your identity online.


Our free integration support 

Our technical support team is on hand to get organisations up and running as soon as possible, totally free of charge. 

In addition to our digital identity app, Yoti has a wide range of verification and authentication technologies that we would like to make as affordable as possible to organisations fighting the coronavirus crisis. This includes our electronic signature platform, document verification solution and age estimation technology, which can be quickly deployed and scaled to high volumes. In its first year of use, Yoti has completed over 270 million age checks for organisations. 

We hope that our easy-to-integrate technologies can assist organisations who need to bring their existing services online and help ease the pressure of this ongoing crisis. To get started immediately, please get in touch at