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Yoti and Jersey Council logos presented together

Local businesses in Jersey tackle underage sales with the Yoti digital identity app

London, UK, 5th July 2019 – Local businesses in Jersey, including The Channel Islands Co-operative Society and Alliance Supermarket are fighting underage sales and the rise of fake IDs by using Yoti’s digital identity app to verify the age of customers for age-restricted goods and services.  Individuals can now use the free Yoti app to prove their age instead of carrying important photo ID documents such as their driving licence or passport – documents which the government and the police advise people to leave safe at home. Jersey is one of the first countries to employ the technology.  Yoti has

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Yoti logo on blue background

Yoti trials blockchain in property transactions with HM Land Registry

London, UK, 17th April 2019 – As part of HM Land Registry’s Digital Street research and development project, digital identity company Yoti has worked with the organisation and other partners on a blockchain prototype to show how buying and selling a house can be made simpler and quicker by demonstrating a digital transfer of ownership.  The sale of a semi-detached house in Gillingham, Kent, was used to show how the emerging technology could be used to reduce uncertainty and delays when buying a home. Stefan, the seller of the house in Gillingham who took part in the trial, said “It

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Yoti partners with biometric software company FaceTec

We’re on a mission to be the world’s trusted identity platform. This means our products must be built with the highest levels of security. So, we’ve partnered with FaceTec, the world leader in biometric face solutions. Introducing FaceTec’s ZoOm 3D Authentication to our products will give us the most effective anti-spoofing capabilities available, and be a strong addition to our existing security processes. Initially, we’ll integrate ZoOm into the online browser version of our age estimation technology Yoti Age Scan, a secure age-checking service that accurately estimates a person’s age by looking at their face. ZoOm’s unparalleled Liveness Detection –

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Yoti on a map of Scotland, marking the partnership with the Improvement Service

Yoti partners with the Improvement Service to help deliver digital services to Scottish citizens

Yoti will support individuals in Scotland to create a secure digital identity, giving them an easier and safer way to prove their age and entitlement to access services  Through an Alpha phase, the pathfinder will look to unlock the potential of Yoti’s free app to let Scottish residents prove their age and entitlement, online and in person  Yoti responded to the tender issued by The Improvement Service which called for digital identity companies to help transform local and regional services through innovation  This announcement follows successful partnerships in India and Jersey, helping Yoti on its mission to become the world’s

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Yoti partners with LedgerState

Yoti and LedgerState showcase how next generation blockchain technology can transform the way governments handle personal data

Yoti and LedgerState today showcased at the World Economic Forum how governments and other organisations can capitalise on evolutions in blockchain technology to store personal data of their citizens and customers. Yoti, the digital identity platform, lets people create verified digital identities through their free smartphone app. The app uses facial recognition technology and a security team to match facial biometrics to approved photo IDs. These digital identities can then be written to a private ledger using an evolution of blockchain technology called Hashgraph. Hashgraph uses an asynchronous process, meaning it is not reliant on the proof of work systems

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