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Meet The Guardians: Gavin Starks

Meet Gavin Starks, our newest member of the Yoti Guardian Council. Yoti Guardians are influential people who ensure that we always do what’s right by our community, and that we are transparent about what we are doing and why. Guardians bring their expert, independent perspectives and skills to three main responsibilities: Ensuring we continue to build trust and give our users control of their personal data. Making sure we optimise our products, services and partnerships to make life simpler for our community. Reporting any breaches of trust and representing any concerns shared by a significant percentage of the community. Introducing

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We want to hear about your charity’s digital identity needs

How could digital identification help UK charities to more effectively collect information about people using their services? Do charities need to prove who people are, ensure that they are legally eligible for services or to record and recall information about them? If they do, what worries them about the process? Could Yoti Keys help people to take ownership of their background information and how they share it when accessing multiple, or repeat, services? We have commissioned Nissa Ramsay of Think Social Tech, together with Pauline Roche of RnR Organisation, to find answers to these all important questions. Nissa and Pauline

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An image of two people's hands. One is handing a plastic tag, known as a Yoti Key, to the other.

Digital identity in the last mile: grassroots research overview

We recently commissioned research to better understand digital identity needs in the developing world. Specifically, we wanted to understand how grassroots nonprofits could benefit from a digital identity platform to conduct their humanitarian work in Africa and South East Asia. Today, we’re publishing an overview of the project. The short document outlines the initial thinking behind our research, our thoughts on an offline product, what we sought to learn from the field based research and a few of our higher level findings. Download the ‘Digital identity in the last mile’ overview here. Please read through it and share it far

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Getting to grips with GDPR: Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

The eighth blog post in our series on GDPR rights is about the rights in relation to automated decision making. So far, our series has covered: Your right to be informed Access rights Correction rights Deletion rights Objection rights Restriction rights Portability rights   Part 8: Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling This is not a new right and the GDPR wording is almost identical to that in the EU Directive it replaces. The aim of this right is to provide safeguards for individuals against the risk that a potentially damaging decision is taken without human intervention.

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Meet our anonymous age estimation technology

Developing technologies that challenge the status quo is what we do best here at Yoti. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for good, our new age estimation technology is set to shake up the way people prove their age online and in person. We’re proud of all of the work that’s gone into making it easy to use, accurate and fair for everyone, no matter your age or ethnicity, so we’ve released a white paper for people that want to know more.   Making it faster and safer to prove your age Our facial age estimation is a secure age-checking service that

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Digital identity in the last mile: lessons from South East Asia

Here at Yoti, we believe in the benefits of digital identity for all. As we continue to ramp up our efforts in the humanitarian sector, we recently commissioned research to better understand digital identity needs among grassroots nonprofits in the developing world. The first post in the series of two covered our work in Africa. Read it here. In this post, David Burton – a member of our South East Asia research team – shares his approach and findings from the region.   Digital identity in the last mile How can we keep our identities safe? It’s one of the

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