Preview of first 3 pages of the Yoti Identity fraud report

Yoti Identity Fraud Report

We’re pleased to publish the first edition of our identity fraud report, which explores the fraud trends we’ve seen over the past 24 months. We delve into the tactics fraudsters are using and how these are evolving. We also explain why using technology and a team of verification experts together provides the best defence against fraud.   Key takeaways from the report: It’s challenging to understand the exact figures and the true scale of fraud; businesses can only report on the fraud they know about Fraud is evolving; fraudsters are exploiting different tactics including deepfakes and tampered with documents The

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Preview of the latest B Corp Impact Report

Say hello to our 2024 B Corp Impact Report

We’re delighted to reach our ninth year of being a B Corp. When Yoti was founded 10 years ago, we knew that we wanted to do business the right way. Because that’s the only way we can truly make the digital world safer for everyone. Our founders knew that in this industry, we were going to come up against some complex ethical questions. Working with identity, personal data and biometrics is a delicate matter. And that’s one of the reasons we became a B Corp – to hold us accountable to all our stakeholders including our people, clients, suppliers, the

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Understanding the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (DPDI) is the UK’s first piece of legislation to introduce provisions for a national digital identity framework. This will be called the Digital Verification Service (DVS). It has the ambition to revolutionise how individuals prove themselves and make admin processes easier, quicker and smoother.  This blog provides an overview of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill. This is a two-part Bill, but we will focus more on the digital identity verification provisions, exploring what this means for digital identities in the UK.    What is the DPDI Bill? This long-awaited Bill formally

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DSIT report on public views of digital identities

Last year, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) commissioned a public dialogue to seek views from the public on digital identities. They wanted to explore the benefits and concerns associated with digital identity services.  We take a look at some of the key findings and themes from the public dialogue, and what this means for the future of digital identities in the UK.   UK digital identity and attributes trust framework Digital identities give us a way to prove who we are, without needing to use physical documents. They can offer us greater privacy, security and convenience over

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Thoughts from our CEO Robin Tombs, March 2024

Thoughts from our CEO

In this blog series, our CEO Robin Tombs will be sharing his experience, whilst focusing on major themes, news and issues in the world of identity verification and age assurance.   Digital age verification for alcohol I’m pleased to see the UK Home Office consult on whether age verification technology should be allowed for the sale of alcohol. This is a big step forward and demonstrates the growing importance and demand for digital proof of age. Yoti’s technology can help remove the significant challenges and high levels of abuse faced by retail, bar and security staff when assessing the

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Two people confirming each others identities with a Digital ID

How Digital IDs can protect you from deepfake scams

Deepfakes are a hot topic right now. Taylor Swift recently became the victim of a deepfake scam; firstly an AI generated video of her promoted a fake cookware competition, and then explicit AI images of her went viral online. AI voice cloning technology pretending to be President Joe Biden tried discouraging people from voting in the polls. And celebrities including Piers Morgan, Nigella Lawson and Oprah Winfrey found deepfake adverts of them online endorsing an influencer’s controversial self-help course. But it’s not just celebrities and public figures who are at risk of deepfakes scams. Fraudsters are also using deepfake technology

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