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Yoti eSign: the fast and simple e-signature platform

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, businesses everywhere are seeing the benefits of switching to more digital practices to save time and money. When it comes to signing documents, it’s the most obvious use case for digitising practices. Not only is the traditional signature process time consuming, but there’s also the environmental concern of a business printing hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of documents. There’s also the big risk of fraud if documents are signed without proper background checks. In the last year British Columbia has suffered the effects of money laundering, where an estimated $7.4 billion (approximately £4.1 billion)

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The case for digital IDs

As Director of Regulation and Policy at Yoti, I’m delighted to see techUK highlight the importance of secure digital identities in their new white paper ‘The Case for Digital IDs’. They argue that as the UK pursues the ambition to be the world-leading online economy, the need for digital identities is becoming ever more apparent.   Secure and robust age verification for retailers Without secure identity solutions, individuals cannot easily and safely connect to digital services. If they need to verify their age online, they currently check an 18+ tickbox or manually enter their date of birth – both of

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Meet our anonymous age estimation technology

Developing technologies that challenge the status quo is what we do best here at Yoti. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for good, our new age estimation technology is set to shake up the way people prove their age online and in person. We’re proud of all of the work that’s gone into making it easy to use, accurate and fair for everyone, no matter your age or ethnicity, so we’ve released a white paper for people that want to know more.   Making it faster and safer to prove your age Our facial age estimation is a secure age-checking service that

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Yoti partners with the Ticket Bank

Tickets for Good and creative partnerships

In the non-profit partnerships team at Yoti, we’re always excited when we are able to see through a really socially impactful use case of our identity checking platform. Occasionally, however, the stars align and through one great partnership, we are able to creatively mobilise our resources to go that bit further.   Social impact through your social life This happened recently with Steve Rimmer, Co-Founder of the Tickets for Good platform and related non-profit initiatives including the Tickets for Good Foundation and the TicketBank. We first met Steve when he applied for our non-profit hack event in September. He had

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