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Yoti and Shiftal logos presented together

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Shiftal leverages yoti digital identities for secure KYC registration

LONDON – 14/05/20 – Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Shiftal, has partnered with digital ID and credential management company, Yoti, for identity verification. By harnessing Yoti’s digital identity app and Doc Scan solutions for automated and expedited KYC verification, Shiftal aims to provide a seamless KYC onboarding experience to its platform users. The traditional KYC process is beset with inefficiencies – it’s time-consuming, expensive, and susceptible to fraud attacks. According to Thomson Reuters, it takes 32 days to complete KYC checks on average. Additionally, large financial institutions spend somewhere between $900 million and $1.3 billion annually on compliance-related processes. The use of

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Yoti logo on blue background

Yoti develops global code of practice for a privacy-focused approach to sharing personal health data and Covid-19 credentials

Helps health clinics, pharmacies and hospitals verify identities and issue test results onto individuals phones LONDON – 05/05/20 Digital identity platform Yoti has developed a privacy focussed approach to sharing Covid-19 test credentials using biometrics and anti-spoofing technology. It is backed by a global Code of Practice that’s designed to protect individuals sharing verified health test results with organisations. The solution helps health organisations issue, update and revoke trusted health credentials onto an individual’s free Yoti app through the secure Yoti platform. This ensures the highest standards of health data management and transparency for those that have the authority

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Endeavour Project

Yoti partners with Synectics Solutions to deliver digital identity and risk assessment platform for financial services

Synectics Solutions and Yoti announced the partnership pilot, called Project Endeavour, which will also be supported by intelligence from Dow Jones Risk Solutions and the regulatory and compliance division of Eversheds Sutherland – Konexo. Endeavour is anticipated to break new ground in helping financial services companies increase their ability to access a young and digitally savvy market segment via a third party digital marketplace. It will also reduce the cost and time it takes to digitally verify a potential customer’s identity and perform real-time due-diligence checks as part of a comprehensive eKYC risk assessment. The first stage of the pilot for

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Yoti and NHS logos presented together

Yoti develops NHS England and NHS Improvement digital ID card to help Covid-19 staffing pressures and improve safeguarding

Staff IDs verified with the Yoti app to provide a digital identity that preserves privacy and boosts security LONDON – 09/04/20 – NHS England and NHS Improvement have begun deploying a secure digital ID card solution from Yoti that puts employees’ NHS ID cards on their phone. The contactless ID app can be used to prove NHS identity online and in person in seconds with a tap of a button or scan of a QR code. It is designed to support the rapid and agile deployment of key workers into health services during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Digital

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Yoti and Gamesys logos presented together

Gamesys Group PLC supercharges KYC with identity verification from Yoti

LONDON – 4th March 2020 – Global online gaming operator Gamesys Group PLC will leverage Yoti’s advanced identity verification technology to enhance the customer experience and KYC process while tackling identity fraud. Yoti’s integrated solution Doc Scan will transform Gamesys customer experience – offering a simple, private and secure way of proving identity when signing up for Gamesys sites on the web, mobile, and tablet.  Doc Scan will be embedded into the Gamesys user flow and will deliver know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks to enhance compliance and boost onboarding efficiency for players around the globe that can access

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native and Yoti present: the Untoutable Tour featuring Sigma

Yoti, the digital identity app with 6 million downloads and student experience platform, native, have developed a new system that tackles ticket touts using digital identities. The innovative approach will be showcased through ‘the Untoutable Tour featuring Sigma’ with six UK events in November and December, highlighting how technology can make events ‘untoutable’. The UK’s secondary ticketing market is estimated to generate £1bn each year with a significant cost to fans, artists and the industry. Independent research commissioned by FanFair Alliance has revealed that the money diverted into the pockets of touts leads to a dramatic drop in spending on

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