Yoti signs the Safe Face Pledge

profile picture Julie Dawson 3 min read
Safe face pledge logo

From today, we are a proud partner of the Safe Face Pledge.

We are firm in the belief that our technology should keep people safe and work for everyone equally. So, we support the pledge.


The Safe Face Pledge

The Safe Face Pledge urges companies using artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that facial recognition technology is not misused to bring harm to anybody, abused by law enforcement or employed to assist secret or discriminatory government activities.

It requires its partners to show value for human life, dignity and rights, address harmful bias, facilitate transparency and embed it into their business practices.

As a digital identity platform, AI plays a crucial role in what we do every day, and as always, we want our tech to only be used for good. We’re looking forward to fully supporting an ethical and transparent approach to facial recognition.


Integrating the pledge with what we do

Our involvement with the Safe Face Pledge will ensure that we remain true to our principles. It will keep us actively focused on offering a safe and secure way to prove identity.

Robin Tombs, our founder and CEO, says:

“This pledge is an important way for us to explain to individuals that Yoti has been designed from the ground up to protect their privacy and any technology we develop is designed to be used for positive intent. Our facial recognition applications are designed to make life easier.

  • If you want to buy an age-restricted good at a self-checkout you can choose to use Yoti’s age estimation technology. It estimates your age using a photo of you and then deletes it directly afterwards.
  • Yoti’s age verification via the Yoti app lets you share just your age to buy goods at a supermarket self-checkout. The setup takes just a few minutes; you link your facial biometrics to your phone and validate them against your ID. When you’re at a checkout, you scan a QR code and take a photo of yourself to prove your age.

The system has been configured so that data is not indexed. It’s not possible for us to know what any individual is doing in their daily lives and we cannot sell on individuals’ personal data. Our business model is to charge organisations and governments for checks. Yoti is ISAE 3000 (SOC 2), Type 1 certified for its technical and organisational security processes.”

We are pleased to support the Safe Face Pledge and continue making everyday life safer and simpler for everyone.

We’ll be posting lots more about this in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.