Post Office EasyID: a look back on the past year

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It’s been 12 months since the Post Office EasyID app launched, giving people an easy and safe way to prove who they are. We’re delighted to share the progress Post Office, together with Yoti, have made over the past year on our joint mission to build the UK’s trusted identity network.

There’s been plenty to celebrate and some big milestones we’re very proud of.

Over three million app installs 🎉

Over three million people in the UK have downloaded the EasyID and Yoti apps, showing that people want a more modern way to prove their identity.

Our digital ID apps give people an easier and safer way to prove who they are. Wherever you see the EasyID or Yoti logos, you can prove who you are using your phone, and the number of places you can now use a digital ID is growing.

Watch an age rated film at the cinema. Prove your right to work or right to rent. Grab an energy drink or buy a lottery ticket from your local shop. Check who you’re talking to online. Collect a parcel from your local Post Office.

This is just the beginning for digital ID. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting ways you’ll be able to use EasyID.

Helped people securely store and share their ID details 📲​

Over the past year, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people share their verified identity details, with a business or another person.

Anyone with the Yoti or EasyID app can swap their details with another person and be confident about who they are dealing with. These peer to peer checks create more trust and transparency between individuals. They are free and can be done in seconds.

EasyID and Yoti can also be used to share verified details with a business. Both apps allow you to just share the details necessary – such as a name or date of birth – instead of revealing an excessive amount of personal information. It’s the safe way to prove who you are.

UK cinemas now accepting EasyID 🍿

One of our proudest moments from the past year was when the UK Cinema Association announced that EasyID would now be accepted as proof of age at cinemas.​

Young people can now use our digital ID apps to watch an age rated film, instead of taking important documents out with them. This is safer (say goodbye to the worry of losing your passport in a dark room) and more convenient (just show the cinema attendant your digital ID on your phone).

It’s better for cinemas too – with less pressure on cinema staff to accurately check physical ID documents.

First government certified provider for digital Right to Work, Right to Rent and Criminal Records checks 🙌

Post Office and Yoti became the first certified digital identity service provider (IDSP) under the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework, for Right to Work, Right to Rent and criminal records (DBS) checks. This is another milestone we’re incredibly proud of.​

The Easy ID and Yoti apps give people a simple way to prove their identity with their phone, particularly useful for people like contractors and temporary workers who need to do this regularly. Alternatively, businesses can use our web service that requires a customer to simply scan their documents and add any other required information. Finally, we also provide in-person identity verification services in Post Office branches for people unable, or who choose not to, do so online.

Together, Yoti and Post Office offer the most comprehensive solution – offering individuals three ways they can prove their identity and complete Right to Work, Right to Rent or DBS checks.

The Post Office PASS card 🪪​

Everyone needs simpler, cheaper ways to prove their age. After all, not everyone can afford a passport and some people aren’t old enough to have a driving licence.

This is why last September, Post Office launched the new Post Office PASS card, a physical ID for just £15.

The PASS card, issued by CitizenCard, can then be used to create a digital ID with the EasyID app. Young people then have a reusable, secure digital ID they can use over and over again. It’s easy to share only the details you really need to, whenever you need to.

Launched in-person verification for the most inclusive identity services solution 🤩

Together, we give people a convenient and safe way of proving their identity – both online and at their local Post Office. We offer three ways for someone to prove who they are – with our digital ID app, online or in-branch at a Post Office. This makes our offering unique, the most comprehensive and inclusive – as no other identity provider offers in-person verification.

Here’s to the next 12 months

Together with Post Office, we are transforming the way that people prove their identity in the UK.

We’re already working with some of the UK’s largest recruitment companies, including uCheck, People Check and Talent Clouds, for digital Right to Work and DBS checks – to get people into jobs faster, reduce recruitment times, streamline onboarding processes and remove geographical barriers to employment. We’re thrilled that more companies are embracing digital identity technology every week.

We look forward to helping more individuals securely share their identity details in the year ahead and what’s in store for the future of digital ID here in the UK!