Introducing the Post Office PASS card: the affordable way to prove your age

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Post Office PASS card

People need cheaper, safer ways to prove who they are. Shockingly, 93 per cent of 16-34-year-olds take their important ID documents out with them every day, with only a minority keeping them safe and sound at home. It’s not convenient or safe to carry your passport or driving licence every day just to prove your age, so why do they do it? 

Well, it’s because they often need to prove their age to do everyday tasks, like buying an energy drink or going to the cinema. With that comes a greater risk of damaged, lost or stolen ID documents. 

Furthermore, over 11 million people in the UK don’t have a passport or driving licence, and the cost of getting one certainly can act as a deterrent, especially if they have no intent to travel overseas or drive. 

Everyone needs simpler, cheaper ways to prove their age, which is why Yoti launched the Yoti CitizenCard back in 2018 and now we are pleased to announce that our partners at Post Office are launching the new Post Office PASS card.


Stop risking your important ID just to prove your age

In the UK, over 1 million driving licences and 400,000 passports are lost, damaged or stolen each year. It’s much safer to leave these important documents at home, whether that’s to make sure you’re not paying £100 for an emergency passport for your holiday to Spain or not having your driving licence to hand when you need to hire a car. There is also the risk that because there is more personal information presented on your passport or driving licence that fraudsters could use your details to compromise your identity.


What are PASS cards?

Passports are for travelling, and driving licences are for driving. PASS cards are for proving your age. It currently costs £34 to get a provisional driving licence and £75.50 for a passport. The Post Office PASS card and Yoti CitzenCards cost just £15.

PASS cards are official UK proof of age cards that display your photo, name and date of birth. You can use them to prove how old you are to most UK retailers, businesses and government-run institutions. The Yoti CitizenCard and Post Office PASS card are issued by CitizenCard and are government-approved proof of age cards that display a Home Office-endorsed PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram and UV mark. That’s how you know they are genuine. Both the Yoti CitizenCard and Post Office PASS card also have a QR code on the back that you can scan to further verify the card’s authenticity.

At just £15, we believe that the Post Office PASS card and Yoti CitizenCard are affordable and accessible ways for people in the UK to prove their age and identity. 


Why should you get a PASS card? 

Suppose you are looking for a cheaper alternative to prove your age or simply don’t want the pressure and risk of taking your important documents out with you, a PASS card is a great option for you.


  • Affordable: At £15, a PASS card costs less than other forms of physical photo ID and isn’t too expensive to renew if you lose it – it’s only £12 for a renewal. 
  • Fast: You can get your PASS card within 3 weeks. You can also choose the fast-track delivery option to receive it 1-2 days after verification. 
  • Private: You don’t need to show all your details when proving your age to businesses. PASS cards contain less sensitive data than a driving licence or passport with just your name, photo and DOB. 
  • Recognised: The National Proof Of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) scheme is endorsed by the Home Office, Scottish Government, National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA).


You can use your PASS card to prove your age when:

  • Going to nightclubs, bars and pubs and festivals
  • Starting a new job to prove who you are
  • Accessing housing services or claiming benefits
  • Playing the lottery or buying scratchcards
  • Renting a new home
  • Visiting prisons
  • Purchasing videos (DVDs or Blu-Ray discs) and computer games
  • Applying for a UK driving licence
  • Travelling on domestic flights within the Common Travel Area (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man).
  • Making any other age-restricted entry or purchase, such as buying energy drinks, alcohol or cigarettes, access to 15 & 18 movies in the cinema


Double your options with EasyID and Yoti

You’re hardly ever without your phone. Once you have your PASS card, you can add it to your Post Office EasyID or Yoti app to prove your identity both online and in person.

Just scan the front of your PASS card into your EasyID or Yoti app to create a reusable digital ID on your phone. The next time you need to quickly show your ID to buy a lottery ticket, pick up a parcel or apply for a job, you can use the app to share the information you need in person or online.

If you haven’t already, download the Post Office EasyID or Yoti app from your app store. Find out here how you can easily create your digital ID.


Get a PASS card for a simpler way to prove your identity

Everyone should be able to prove their age when they need to. Whether you’re a parent worrying about your child taking their passport to the cinema, someone who doesn’t want to lose their ID when popping to the shops, or you’re simply looking for a more affordable way to prove who you are, a PASS card is an invaluable card to have in your wallet or purse.

If you’d like to read more about the Post Office PASS card and find out how to apply please visit