Learning more about our facial age estimation

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child using age estimation on laptop

Facial age estimation is a valuable age assurance tool helping industries to provide age appropriate products and services worldwide. Using a combination of AI technology and liveness anti-spoofing, our tools are helping businesses know their customers are the right age to access their product or services without knowing anything more about them.

child using age estimation on laptop

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to navigate facial age estimation. We’ve compiled some excellent resources that help to explain the core technology and why we’ve developed our solution the way we have.

How age estimation is built

We partnered with family digital wellness experts Be inTouch to explain how we built our facial age estimation technology. Watch his three minute video below.

How AI really works

You can also check out the below two-part series where Be inTouch explains how AI really works. In the eight minute and twelve minute explainer videos, you can learn more about AI, deep learning, and how it’s used to estimate age and create safe spaces online.

Try it out with our demo (for users aged 13 and above)

Using our facial age estimation is simple. Check it out for yourself in our interactive demo.

Putting our anti-spoofing technology to the test

We’ve implemented anti-spoofing to make sure that people can’t imitate someone older or younger than their actual age and trick our age estimation tech. It works by using deep machine learning, preventing presentation attacks.

We put our anti-spoofing technology to the test to see if our facial age estimation can outsmart a disguise. Watch the thirty-second video below to see what happened.

Facial age estimation in use

Our tech provides many real life benefits to people of all demographics. See what these students at Queen Mary University had to say about Yoti facial age estimation and the future of ID checks in our one-minute video.

For these shoppers in Estonia, the checkout process just got a whole lot faster. We visited the first supermarket in the world using age estimation in their self checkout terminals. Watch the thirty-second video to see what they thought.

Peer-to-peer checks: know who you’re dealing with

When you’re talking to people online, it’s almost impossible to know who you’re dealing with from just a profile picture. Whether you’re online dating, buying a bike from a shared marketplace, or organising a holiday let, make sure you know exactly who you’re talking to.

Our Little Casanova shows us just how easy it is to misjudge how old someone might be before you meet them in person in this two-minute video.