Facial age estimation: the facts

profile picture Rachael Trotman 1 min read
Preview image of Yoti's Facial Age Estimation fact sheet which will help users learn more about what facial age estimation does and does not do

We developed facial age estimation to give everyone a secure and private way to prove their age, without sharing their name or any identity documents. We also wanted to address the inclusion issue, given not everyone has an ID – which can exclude them from accessing age-restricted goods, services and experiences. 

The technology can determine a person’s age from a facial image. We believe this is a better way to check someone’s age. People shouldn’t have to share their whole identity just to prove their age. 

We work hard to explain facial age estimation and how it works. Unfortunately, some people continue to confuse age estimation with facial recognition. They think it’s not private and that it’s a way to collect a database of faces. None of this is true. Other people misunderstand the accuracy rates, the age thresholds, and the true purpose of this technology. 

Our facial age estimation fact sheet addresses these misconceptions and explains the facts from the fiction.

Read the facts.