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Yoti is a digital identity company that makes it safer for people to prove who they are. We started by empowering people with a free, reusable digital ID app that minimises the data they share with businesses. We now provide verification solutions across the globe, spanning identity verification, age verification, eSigning and authentication.

Yoti holding inaugural hack week

Yoti’s Inaugural Hack Week: Lessons Learned So Far

In February, we held our first hack week here at Yoti, focusing on the the challenges that charities face with verifying people’s identity. We think that the hack method is an under-exploited tool in tech companies Social Responsibility toolkit. We have a hunch that we could use the method both to support charities to deploy technology to solve local and global problems, and nurture their confidence to embrace digital technology more broadly. So our inaugural hack was our first opportunity to test our hypothesis.   Our Hack Week Format MONDAY Our Hack week partners, Founders and Coders CIC, spent the

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Father and young son using iPad together

Safer Internet Day - Be the change: Unite for a better internet

Young people and the internet The Internet is a wonderful invention with endless possibilities and opportunities. And for young people it has become a fundamental part of their everyday life. But the internet is rife with dangers and warnings, and letting children loose on the internet with no protection or guidance is like letting them loose in a sweet shop and telling them not to touch anything. A few weeks ago, the ‘Growing Up Digital’ report released by the Children’s Commissioner said children are fending for themselves against online dangers, often signing away their privacy and agreeing to very

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Yoti Wins Cyber Security Award 2016

The 2016 Cyber Security Awards rewards the best individuals, teams and companies within the cyber security industry. Excellence and innovation are core themes, throughout all categories.   We won ‘Cyber security start up of the year’ award  With Yoti, smartphone owners will be able to prove their age with their phone, use selfies instead of passwords and instantly know who they are really talking to online and in person. Judge Karla Jobling said “the competition to be named as a winner this year was especially tough. We saw some well-known individuals and companies enter, as well as a range of

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Yoti Wins CMA 2016 Award

We are very proud to announce that Yoti went on to win in the category of ‘Next Generation Ecosystem’! The 2016 Contactless & Mobile Awards honour achievements across a wide range of sectors and countries throughout Europe and further afield. This is the tenth anniversary for the awards and this year the organisers felt that it was time to do a consolidation of award categories to reflect the ever-changing face of the industry. “Many of the categories were becoming too similar,” commented Steve Atkins, Editor-in-Chief of Contactless Intelligence. “At the same time we wanted to shine a light upon

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Doc Searls

Meet the Guardians: Doc Searls

“For the last two decades, I have been encouraging solutions to identity issues that start by empowering individuals. In Yoti I see one of the most creative and potentiated approaches to this challenge, and welcome the opportunity to help guide the company’s efforts as the new and protean marketplace for individual empowerment evolves.”   Yoti Guardian Council Yoti Guardians are influential individuals who ensure that Yoti always seeks to do the right thing, and that we are transparent about what we are doing and why. Guardians will bring their expert, independent perspectives and skills to three main responsibilities: Making sure

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Renata Avila

Meet the Guardians: Renata Avila

“Yoti is one of the rare companies placing people’s rights, especially people’s right to privacy, at the centre of its mission and coding it into the design of its product. This is important because laws and business practices are lagging behind the rapid pace of innovation in technology. I’m honoured and excited to offer my perspectives on digital inequality and human rights best practices as Yoti works to overcome the challenge of the next decade: restoring trust. I hope we can make the Guardian Council a good practice that will spread across this sector and others.”   Yoti Guardian

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