A look back on 2023

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A look back on 2023

It’s been another busy year for all at Yoti. We launched a new Digital ID app with Lloyds Bank, continued to campaign for a safer internet, recertified as a B Corp and completed over 6.5 million age and identity checks every month. That and much more! Here’s a lookback on some of our favourite highlights from the year… 


Launched a new Digital ID app with Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank released a new Digital ID app – Lloyds Bank Smart ID. The app, which is built using our technology, gives people a more private, secure and convenient way to prove their age or identity. 

Lloyds Bank Smart ID offers more people the opportunity to create a secure, reusable Digital ID. It’s fantastic to have the UK’s largest bank support Digital IDs.


Created Digital ID connect – a network of reusable Digital ID apps

Together with Lloyds Bank and Post Office, we are committed to bringing Digital IDs to as many people in the UK as possible. So we created ‘Digital ID Connect’, the UK’s largest network of reusable Digital ID apps. 

Over four million people have downloaded the Yoti ID, Post Office EasyID and Lloyds Bank Smart ID apps. And nearly one million people in the UK downloaded one of the three apps in 2023. The three Digital ID apps are interoperable, so they can be used in all the same places. 

Next year, we will announce new ways people can use their Digital ID. So keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates on this!

Three smartphone screens displaying the homepage in the Post Office Easy ID app, the passport details page in the Yoti ID app, and an "age over" atribute in the Lloyds Bank Smart ID app.

Published our report: the importance of accessible and inclusive identity verification

It’s important to us that as more services move online, there is always an alternative for those who can’t or don’t wish to things digitally. With 26% of UK adults saying they would prefer to complete identity verification checks in-person, we wanted to provide a solution. 

We’re incredibly proud to offer in-person identity checks at Post Offices – helping businesses and the UK government to make identity verification available to more people. 


Continued to campaign for a safer digital world

Together with some of the biggest platforms, we’ve made lots of positive changes to keep children safe online. We have performed over 600 million age checks to date and spoken at events around the world to champion a safer online world. 

We also joined the Children Online Protection Laboratory, working with the French Government and other stakeholders to improve online safety for children. 


Created safer, age-appropriate experiences online

We started working with Lockwood Publishing to offer players on Avakin Life exclusive age-restricted features. Players can prove their age using our facial age estimation technology or by uploading an identity document. This ensures those aged 18+ can confidently interact and chat with other adult players, while also enhancing the safety and player experience for younger audiences. Any players who are suspected to be underage are also asked to confirm their age. 

Lockwood Publishing joins Meta, Sony PlayStation, OnlyFans, Yubo and a growing number of popular brands using Yoti’s age checking services.

We also worked with Kids Web Services (KWS), the parent verification and consent management toolset, to offer parents new ways to provide parental consent. Facial age estimation offers adults a secure way of proving they are over a certain age, without sharing their name, ID or credit card information. Once a parent or guardian has proved they are an adult, they can then review the settings and features of a particular game or app and determine whether or not to grant permission for their child to access the service.

Made online dating connections safer with Jigsaw Dating, Muslim Marriage Services and Muzz

We’ve continued working with a number of dating and matrimony platforms to give daters increased confidence and transparency over who they are connecting with online. 

Muzz and Jigsaw Dating integrated our photo verification technology to confirm every dating profile belongs to a real person. On account creation, users are required to take a selfie. Our technology checks that the selfie is captured from a real person – and is not a photo, video or mask. This stops people from using fake profile photos.

Graphic showing the user flow of the Jigsaw dating identity verification to make online dating safer

Enhanced automation for identity verification

 This year we have enhanced our fully automated identity verification process, adding world class suppliers and developing our own proprietary technology. Our passive liveness solution, MyFace, verifies that a user is a real person, and not a presentation attack such as a printed or digital photo, video or mask – all from a single image.

This creates a better user experience, reduces drop off and speeds up the customer journey. Our automated solution can return a result within three seconds. Combined with our patented SICAP solution, this is a significant barrier to spoofing, GenAI and deepfake attacks.


Launched esignatures with selfie verification

We released a new feature on our esignatures platform – selfie verification. This feature allows individuals to confirm their identity with a selfie before signing a document. This reduces the risk of impersonation and fraud, and provides transparency and confidence that the correct person has signed the document.


Published our Digital Identity Toolkit

We published our Digital Identity Toolkit – a collection of everything you need to know about digital identity. We’ve covered topics from identity basics to examples of how digital identity is used in the real world. We hope the Toolkit is a helpful tool for those who would like to learn more about digital identity. 

There’s so much we’re proud of this year and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store. Roll on 2024.