Yoti powers Cryptograph with robust identity verification to ensure large bids on their blockchain-based collectible auction site are genuine

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Yoti and Cryptograph logos presented together

14th August 2020, LONDON – Cryptograph will leverage Yoti’s seamless identity verification technology to ensure large bids on its revolutionary crypto collectables platform are genuine. Cryptograph.com launches on July 8th 2020 with digital art and memorabilia secured by blockchain technology (known as NFT’s – Non-Fungible Tokens) from world-renowned artists and icons. Cryptograph has created a sustainably philanthropic platform that utilises the Ethereum Blockchain and smart contract technology to shake up the crypto sphere, making it the perfect partner for purpose-driven B-Corp Yoti.

Cryptographs are one-off digital collectables from icons and artists that perpetually support charitable causes. Each is sold at auction and then traded on the platform’s secondary market, raising money for charity every time they are transacted. These unique digital artworks are auctioned and traded using a unique system that incentivises participation.

Users bidding over €10,000 can use Yoti to prove their identity when joining auctions from anywhere in the world. This enables Cryptograph to carry out robust eKYC in a matter of seconds and builds trust in the platform for creators and charities.

With 7 million downloads, the Yoti app empowers citizens with a free reusable digital ID on their phone. After a one-time identity verification check, users can use the app to share verified identity attributes at the click of a button. This verified digital ID can be used by users to prove their identity time and time again across any industry.

Yoti is designed with user privacy at its heart. All data is encrypted and Yoti cannot see or sell user data to third parties, or share any details without explicit user consent. Yoti cannot track users and individuals or control which details they share, aligning to the emerging global W3C standards for verifiable credentials. Every time information is shared, both parties receive a receipt of what is shared and when.

Thom White, Commercial Manager at Yoti said, “We’re excited to be working with Cryptograph who combine innovation and a good cause to deliver a product that’s perfectly aligned to Yoti. It’s another shining example of the Yoti app network effect in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency industries, bringing instant identity verification to an ever growing network of crypto operations using Yoti around the world.”

Auctions will begin on July 8th with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin whose Cryptograph is a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn representation of his groundbreaking Quadratic Funding Formula, an idea which could form the basis of a new general-purpose infrastructure for the funding of public goods.

The first few weeks will feature other works from crypto pioneers such as CasperLabs Vlad Zamfir, Shapeshift.com CEO Erik Voorhees, AVA Labs CEO Emin Gun Sirer, Parity Technologies CEO Jutta Steiner, Augur Co-Founder Jeremy Gardner, Coinfund Founder Jake Brukhman, Universal Login Founder Alex Van De Sande, Melon Protocol Founder Mona El Isa, This Week In Ethereum Editor Evan Van Ness, Co-Founder Of Ethereum Mihai Alisie, Founder Of Maker DAO Rune Christensen, Founder Of Gitcoin.co Kevin Owocki, and more.

Edouard Bessire, co-founder of Cryptograph said, “Cryptograph is committed to building a safe and secure marketplace to attract the best creators, support charitable causes and to bring long-term value to collectors. The Yoti app’s versatility and privacy-focused design allows us to keep bad actors out of our marketplace whilst ensuring a smooth experience and complete privacy for our users.

Using smart contract technology to process and automate all transactions in a secure and transparent environment, Cryptograph makes sure that their charity and creator partners will always get a share of the perpetual revenue not just from the initial auction sale, but also from every single bid and subsequent sale that occurs on the secondary market. This powerful model ensures that the interests of all parties involved in the Cryptograph ecosystem remain forever aligned and that they are continually incentivised to deliver further value over the long term to the community of Cryptograph collectors.”



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About Cryptograph

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, impact investors and blockchain pioneers who share a joint interest in using technology to do good. Cryptographs are one-of-a-kind digital collectables created by icons and artists that support good causes forever. Thanks to blockchain technology, each Cryptograph is 100% owned by the purchaser and cannot be forged or destroyed. A Cryptograph is a digital legacy. Cryptographs are sold at auction and then traded by collectors on the platform, raising money for good causes every time they are transacted. The platform makes charitable fundraising easier, instantly global and perpetual in nature. It offers a new way to do philanthropy in the digital age. [CRYPTOGRAPH Made by Icons. Owned by You.] www.cryptograph.com | @cryptographco (Instagram) | @cryptograph (Twitter)


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Yoti is a digital identity-checking platform that allows organisations to verify who people are, online and in person. Yoti’s products span identity verification, age verification, document e-signing, access management and biometric authentication. Yoti is already used by the NHS in England, the Improvement Service in Scotland and the Government of Jersey, where Yoti’s digital ID platform leverages the highest data security standards to verify its users. Yoti accepts government-approved identity documents from over 200 countries that are verified using leading technology and trained security personnel. Yoti is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for ID Verification Services. Yoti is ISAE 3000 (SOC 2), Type 2 certified for its technical and organisational security processes and is a Secured by Design (Official Police Security Initiative) member company. For more information, visit www.yoti.com.

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