Why automated technology with human fallback provides optimal results

profile picture Rachael Trotman 3 min read
Graphic representing "Automated + Human" ID checks done together for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Some identity providers claim that fully automated processes are the way forward. Whilst we agree that technology can improve and streamline processes, there are times when it’s valuable to have a human involved. 

Every business we talk to has different requirements for identity verification. This could be because of differing laws and their application in different regions, a varying risk appetite or wanting to ‘do the right thing’ to engender trust and increase success rates. 

When it comes to identity verification technology, there might be some scenarios where it’s helpful to use the skills of our security team. For instance:

  • The user has submitted a photo of their ID document or a selfie where the lighting is poor. This means the technology might struggle to read the document or match the selfie to the photo on the ID document
  • It can sometimes be difficult for automated technology to recognise all of the various security features across hundreds of documents from around the world. Our security team can do a detailed inspection of the features on a document to check its authenticity
  • Some identity documents might have a photo which is over 10 years old. If the user’s appearance has changed a lot since the photo was taken, our team can step in if the technology can’t provide a high enough level of confidence
  • Some people do not look after their documents, so they send in photos of documents which are damaged or of poor quality 

Team of verification experts

Our automated process is successful for the majority of cases. But for the trickier submissions or when the technology can’t provide a high level of confidence, our 150-strong team of Super Recognisers, Fraud Experts and Face Matchers are here to help. 

Our Super Recognisers and Face Matchers provide an extra layer of security and really come into play here – combing through images to look for fake aspects and to provide a necessary human check. They are not there to replace technology, but to work alongside it. The highly skilled abilities of our Super Recognisers can sometimes provide clarity where the technology may struggle. 

Automation plus humans gives businesses extra confidence and peace of mind that the verification process is robust, effective and accurate. Crucially, it also ensures higher completion rates, improves onboarding rates without additional friction and reduces identity verification costs.

This is especially important for highly regulated sectors where it’s critically important to get it right. As such, they can request our human fallback for added security and confidence. 

We also have a dedicated Counter Fraud Team, who hold professional certificates in Fraud Prevention. They not only analyse any fraud submissions we receive but also complete robust research into fraud trends globally. This helps them to stay at the top of their game to spot fraudulent documents. 

With believe that with the quality of fake documents getting better and more sophisticated, the combination of automation and our highly skilled team will provide the best results.

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