Our Guardian Council

At Yoti, one of our core principles that guides our development is, ‘Be transparent and accountable’. Trust in technology companies appears to be on the decline, most likely because of data misappropriation and a lack of transparency. As a tech company that interacts with personal user data, integrity is paramount in everything we do. Our business cannot function without being trustworthy, so we’ve put measures in place to make sure we are always adhering to our principles and ethical framework. This is why we’ve integrated several initiatives into our operations to make sure we never stray from our core principles, one of

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Doc Searls

Meet the Guardians: Doc Searls

“For the last two decades, I have been encouraging solutions to identity issues that start by empowering individuals. In Yoti I see one of the most creative and potentiated approaches to this challenge, and welcome the opportunity to help guide the company’s efforts as the new and protean marketplace for individual empowerment evolves.”   Yoti Guardian Council Yoti Guardians are influential individuals who ensure that Yoti always seeks to do the right thing, and that we are transparent about what we are doing and why. Guardians will bring their expert, independent perspectives and skills to three main responsibilities: Making sure

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Renata Avila

Meet the Guardians: Renata Avila

“Yoti is one of the rare companies placing people’s rights, especially people’s right to privacy, at the centre of its mission and coding it into the design of its product. This is important because laws and business practices are lagging behind the rapid pace of innovation in technology. I’m honoured and excited to offer my perspectives on digital inequality and human rights best practices as Yoti works to overcome the challenge of the next decade: restoring trust. I hope we can make the Guardian Council a good practice that will spread across this sector and others.”   Yoti Guardian

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