Protect yourself with peer-to-peer checks

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Identity-related fraud is huge. Both in the real world but more so online where it’s easy to hide behind a fake unchecked profile. Most platforms don’t want to add friction into their onboarding journeys in fear that people will migrate to another site. 

A Which? survey of 1,300 buyers found a whopping 32% had been scammed on second hand marketplaces in the last two years. Whether someone is trying to sell stolen goods, committing romance scams, catfishing, or advertising property rentals that don’t exist, there are a whole host of fraud-related crimes and identity is often at the centre of them.

The good news is you can complete your own safety checks with Yoti or Post Office EasyID..


Fight fake profiles with peer-to-peer checks

There is a solution if your platform of choice doesn’t ask people to prove that they are who they say they are. Our peer-to-peer checks are free, can be done in seconds and build trust.

If you’re unsure who you’re speaking to online or feel a deal is too good to be true, use one of our Digital ID apps to safely swap verified details with another person. After all, a scammer won’t share their real identity with you.


Sounds too good to be true?

Whether it’s buying and selling or dating online, a peer-to-peer share can save you both time and financial pain. 

It gives you the option to swap only the necessary information, so you don’t need to share more than you are comfortable with – unlike sending a copy of your ID, which could open you up to more fraud risks.


True story

Our Chief Marketing Officer Chris Field was after a second hand metal detector for his son and found a steal online. He asked the seller to swap details but they refused. After getting his Inspector Clouseau on, Chris uncovered that they were actually a scammer. A few hours later their profile disappeared.


How it works

  • Open your Digital ID app.
  • Tap “Share” and select the details you’d like to swap, like your photo or full name.
  • Choose how to swap your details (via text, email or face to face).
  • Once the other person has approved your request to swap details, you’ll get the exact same details from them.

Have you been affected by a scam that could have been prevented with our peer-to-peer checks? We’d love to hear from you. Let’s fight fraud together.

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