‘FRANKD with Yoti’ selected for CivTech 5.0 Accelerator Programme

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We’re really excited to announce that our COVID-19 testing system ‘FRANKD with Yoti’ has been selected to enter a 12-week accelerator programme run by the Scottish Government, CivTech 5.0.

CivTech is a worldwide network of public, private and third sector organisations working across the Civic and GovTech space to solve real-life problems and make people’s lives better. This is the fifth edition of the CivTech accelerator programme, which this year focuses on helping Scotland rebuild and recover from the coronavirus crisis. 

We’ve been selected to tackle Challenge 9; ‘How can innovation help NHS Scotland support employers to ensure the health of their people?’ This challenge is sponsored by the Scottish Government Health and Social Care, and is focused on supporting Scotland’s test and protect strategy.


Innovative COVID-19 testing

‘FRANKD with Yoti’ is a breakthrough COVID-19 testing system that delivers test results to an individual’s phone within 30 minutes of being tested.

FRANKD is a RT-LAMP test and detects low levels of COVID-19 at 100 percent specificity and 97 percent sensitivity. Samples do not have to be taken by a clinician and don’t need to be sent off-site to a lab. Instead, they can be analysed on-site in a portable machine.

This rapid solution delivers accurate COVID-19 testing, drastically reducing the time taken to receive a test result and allowing for a rapid response when the virus is detected. The market price is around £20, which makes it an incredibly cost-effective solution that brings gold-standard COVID-19 testing to operations of all sizes. 

Individuals are linked to their test by scanning a QR code on the test kit with the Yoti app. This simple paperless system means that results can’t be lost and secures the sensitive information through high-level encryption.  Individuals can easily present their test result on screen or share it by scanning a QR code. Anyone with a Yoti app can scan a QR code on the individual’s test result to verify its validity and key information.

What’s more, the digital health credential can be updated or revoked as more scientific knowledge of the virus emerges. Our work is founded on a Code of Practice and grounded in strong ethical principles.

The Yoti app is also being used by the NHS, Volunteer Edinburgh and New College Lanarkshire to remotely issue staff, student and volunteer ID cards. It’s also being used by the Improvement Service to allow Scottish citizens to digitally prove their identity through the myaccount portal to access online public services.


Next steps with CivTech 5.0

We believe FRANKD with Yoti could be central to getting communities and economies moving safely. It has delivered breakthrough results in trials with Virgin Airlines and in London theatres, and we look forward to developing the solution for the Scottish public.

Commenting on the accelerator programme, Robin our CEO said, “It’s an honour to see FRANKD with Yoti selected by the Scottish Government Health and Social Care for the CivTech 5.0 accelerator programme. 

“FRANKD delivers an unrivalled combination of speed, ease and accuracy. We’re proud of our ongoing work with the Scottish Improvement Service and this is another step towards transforming the way the people of Scotland prove their identity. Getting your ID and health test results on your phone has huge potential to support people’s health and the economy.”

We look forward to developing our COVID-19 testing solution over the next 12 weeks and thank CivTech for such a brilliant opportunity.

If you’d like to hear more about FRANKD with Yoti, please get in touch at covid19@yoti.com.