Canada pioneers digital ID for all with new framework

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This week, the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) announced the launch of a new framework for digital ID and authentication industry standards. The Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) will define how digital ID will roll out across Canada and will be alpha tested by DIACC members.

As a long-standing member of DIACC, we’re incredibly excited to see the launch of this framework that we’ve contributed to with knowledge gleaned from our long-standing experience in the digital identity space. The PCTF itself is a huge collaborative achievement and has received over 3,400 public comments provided by public and private stakeholders over four years.

Our Commercial Lead for Canada, Leigh Day, co-chairs their Innovation Expert Committee and also sits on their Outreach Expert Committee.


The time for digital ID is now 

The framework has been fast-tracked in the wake of the coronavirus crisis with the aim of rolling out digital ID to all levels of society as a key enabler for the Canadian economy. 

As outlined by Dave Nikolejsin, Board Chair at DIACC, “Canadians have had to deal with identity theft and fraud, high anxiety in accessing services that they were in dire need of while facing social distancing measures, and attempting to go about their lives as normally as possible. Digital ID minimizes all of those pain points, and elevates the livelihoods of Canadians everywhere.”

Image: Progressing the Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) infographic from DIACC website.

Our response to the pandemic

At Yoti, we’ve seen the appetite for digital identity solutions go from a nice-to-have to a necessity during the coronavirus crisis. With a global digital identity platform already developed over many years, we’ve been able to react quickly and apply our technology to help ease pressures.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we fast-tracked digital ID cards for the NHS to help them remotely equip their staff with secure identification that couldn’t be lost, stolen or mis-asserted. 

We extended these secure ID cards through our COVID pledge to charities and volunteer groups.The coronavirus crisis saw a drastic increase in fraud and doorstep scams at a time where issuing volunteers with physical ID cards was greatly complicated. Volunteer Edinburgh, Age UK and Tipperary Volunteer Centre are just a few of the organisations we’ve helped with free digital ID cards, and we’ve also gifted our identity verification technology to safeguard both the DoIT and the Co-op community platform.


Covid-19 testing in 30 minutes

We’re currently collaborating with biotech company GeneMe who have developed a COVID-19 test that can be analysed in 30 minutes with no need for a lab. Together, we’ve developed FRANKD with Yoti, a breakthrough system whereby people have their secure test result linked to their digital identity and issued to their phone via the Yoti app.

We’re currently in trials with Heathrow airport and believe our solution could be fundamental to protecting citizens whilst getting the economy back on track.


Canada leads the way for digital ID

We’re really excited by the launch of the PCTF and we look forward to hearing results from the alpha testing in the coming months. For further information on our involvement with Digital Identity in Canada, or DIACC, please get in touch at