Contactless identity verification

We can rapidly deploy our digital ID card and identity verification solutions globally to organisations tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re pledging free identity verification and staff ID cards for organisations and volunteer initiatives tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

If you need help verifying staff, suppliers or volunteers remotely in a secure and scalable way, or need legally-binding documents to be signed digitally, our integrations team are on hand to get you set up as quickly as possible.

Secure verification with the Yoti app

Your staff, suppliers and volunteers can safely verify their identity with your organisation using the free Yoti app.

Staff ID cards

Provide your employees with a digital staff ID card that’s stored safely in their Yoti app. As the issuing authority, your organisation can issue, update and revoke this card when needed.

In partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, we are already issuing thousands of staff ID cards to NHS staff.

Verified credentials

Trusted authorities can use our platform to issue verified credentials to a user’s Yoti app. This can allow for greater mobility and flexibility for healthcare workers, while prioritising their safety.

Verified credentials can include medical test results, training certificates, database checks, or any authorisation or qualification.

Identity verification

Remotely verify the identity of existing or new staff instantly. Our technology reads the secure chip in ePassports and cryptographically verifies it to the highest level as defined in the ICAO 9303 standard, in the same way an airport immigration gate works.

Learn about how we are helping DoIT support the UK government’s drive for volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic with free identity verification.

Volunteer verification and ID cards

Rapid, scalable and trusted identity verification for volunteers with ePassport chip reading technology. Our checks are fully compliant with the data needed by DBS for further checks if required. You can also issue volunteers with an ID card that’s stored safely in their Yoti app.

Our commitment to doing good

We have always gifted our ID app free to eligible charities and nonprofits. By extending this to organisations tackling the current crisis, we hope we can ease some of the pressure and get the world back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Our pledge is global

Read our global coronavirus information pack in Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

If you want to volunteer to translate this pack into another language, please contact:


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