Yoti selects ROC.ai’s facial recognition software to enhance identity verification solutions

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13th December 2023, London, UK – Yoti is delighted to announce it will start using ROC.ai’s world-class facial recognition software across its suite of ID platform services.

A progressive, innovative leader in AI-powered computer vision and biometrics, ROC.ai’s facial recognition algorithms have been independently tested by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Their solutions are trusted by the US Department of Defence, federal and state law enforcement agencies, and some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

ROC.ai is committed to delivering technology that respects privacy and works for all races, ages and genders. This is outlined in their Code of Ethics, which serves as a guideline both for how the company will strive to develop face recognition systems and how it will expect integration partners, customers and end-users to develop and use face recognition systems based on their algorithms.

Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti commented: “ROC.ai is a much admired and respected provider of lightweight, built for speed, leading facial recognition software and Yoti is committed to offering its business customers world class identity and biometrics solutions. Like Yoti, the ROC.ai team is committed to ethical use of biometrics to make the world more secure and convenient, without bias or threats to privacy.”

Scott Swann, CEO of ROC.ai remarked: “We’re incredibly bullish on our partnership with Yoti.  Their recognised stature in the digital identity space and their commitment to ethical, transparent technology align directly with our mission to make the world smarter, safer and stronger through best of breed computer vision solutions.”

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Yoti facial age estimation evaluated in the NIST Face Analysis Technology Evaluation program

Yoti proven to be the most accurate facial age estimation algorithm for those aged 13-16, a key age group for online age regulations and child safety  30th May 2024, London, UK – Digital identity company Yoti has had its facial age estimation technology independently evaluated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a US agency who provide standards and certification for businesses. The standards and measurements set by NIST are used as a benchmark for technological innovations globally. NIST evaluated Yoti’s facial age estimation as part of their Face Analysis Technology Evaluation (FATE) program.  NIST has

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Yoti releases white paper detailing approach to combating generative AI and deepfakes

1st March 2024, London, UK – Digital identity company Yoti has published its first Generative AI white paper, detailing its approach to combating deepfakes. Yoti has focussed their strategy on early detection, using tools to prevent AI-generated content or attacks at the point of source.  Whilst offering numerous benefits and advancements, generative AI also brings potential threats and challenges, including:  Identity theft and fraud; the technology could be used to create synthetic identities and realistic forged documents Fake content; the creation of highly convincing content, including images, videos and audio recordings. Privacy concerns; the ability to generate realistic images and

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CreditLadder teams up with Digital ID Connect to offer Rent Reporting to their users

12th January 2024, London, UK – CreditLadder, the UK’s first and largest rent reporting platform, is working with Digital ID Connect, the UK’s largest digital identity app network. This will allow Digital ID app users to seamlessly report their rental payments into the four main credit reference agencies.    Just under 40% of people in England rent, and this increases to over 50% in London*. To help bring financial fairness to these tenants, CreditLadder has now reported over £1 billion in rent payments – this means these payments now appear on credit files therefore allowing lenders to see that on-time rent

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